Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spotlight on Book Binders and Watch Winders...

Today Florida Book News welcomes Book Binders and Watch Winders, a wonderful new independent used bookstore, to Melbourne, Florida. They are located in the Eau Gallie Arts District. It's a charming location with much to offer. Be sure to stop by and get to know them.

Recently I spoke to one of the owners, James Walton. He agreed to an interview to spotlight the launch of
Book Binders and Watch Winders. Enjoy...

Tell us abut Book Binders and Watch Winders. What will the public find when they stop by the shop?

Casual and friendly staff, comfortable spots to read a book.
It's OK to take a book across the street to the park if you wish. Complimentary coffee, deep in popular authors and important literature. Non fiction in many areas, such as sports, military, space and aviation, home and garden, reference..

We are focusing on increasing our stock of art books to go along with demand since we are in EGAD (
Eau Gallie Arts District) with all the galleries located near. Our other area of focus is children's book with around 2000 titles from baby thru teens.

We are fairly organized like a normal bookstore and our books are clean and in good shape. We have tried to make sure the store space is open and inviting, not
claustrophobic, and that all our books are likely to be of interest.

We have very few obscure authors or subjects so that people can see easily if we have what they want. We are hoping that people will check with us first before going to Barnes and Noble. You're likely to pay less for the same book here.

You said the shop is a co-op. What do you mean by that?

There are six of us who all kicked in on this. We are longtime friends or family. We all do something else for a living and work at least 4hrs a week at the shop. Also there are plenty of teens to help if needed. We don't have a lot of rules and no one's really in charge. What could go wrong?

Sadly, many bookstores have closed recently. Why open a bookstore now?

We all love books and bookstores. The bookstore in downtown Melbourne that closed was due to the owner passing away and no one in her family could take it over. I think there may have been a rental rate issue due to it being downtown. Our landlord has been terrific and the EGAD art community has been very welcoming. There is a definite connection between art and books and we fit in well. For example, I walked up the sidewalk to find Ralph from the art supply dragging a book rack he had but was not using to our store. It worked well for us and was very kind.

What types of events will you be hosting at the shop on a regular basis?

The EGAD Art Walk on the first Friday of each month is fun with us. We have a poetry reading and open mic from 4-6 and then an author signing during the walk. There may be a little wine around too.

Tell the readers a little about why you chose to locate Book Binders and Watch Winders in the Eau Gallie Arts District.

The surrounding businesses and park are conducive to our business, and we figured the traffic flow was excellent by our front door. We have public parking 100 feet down the hill. Also, the spot is cozy with old brick and nice windows.

What are the goals of Book Binders and Watch Winders for the next few years?

We hope to become a known fixture and perhaps will expand when the economy improves.

Thanks for a great interview.... Florida Book News welcomes Book Binders and Watch Winders to Melbourne, Florida. You'll find this new independent bookstore at 535 W. Eau Gallie next to Concepts on Highland and across from Eau Gallie Square Park. Please stop by and get acquainted. And, don't forget to watch Florida Book News for upcoming events at the store.

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Welcome to the area! I wish you much success and a long and happy relationship with the community.
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