Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Offer from Raff Ellis

Want to trade books?

One of the problems I have concerns my ability to buy many of the books that are listed on this site. Do I wish to take a chance on an unknown author? I does take time and money. I’ve come up with an idea that might interest some of the subscribers to Florida Book News.

I am willing to trade my latest book (Dam Foolishness, released by indy publisher Cune Press, cover price $27.95) with any other author—even up, no matter their cover price. The only caveat would be both we would promise to write a short review and post it on Amazon, provided they can honestly give it a minimum of four stars. I have done this with two authors I’ve met over the internet and we have been very satisfied with the results.

If anyone is interested in this idea, my contact information is listed below.

From Midwest Book Review ...
The editors at the respected Midwest Book Review gave Dam Foolishness *****

Small town America has its own charm... and its own problems. "Dam Foolishness & Other Recollections" is a memoir from Raff Ellis where he discusses his own charming picturesque life in the town of Carthage, an isolated small town in New York state that maintained its charm and livelihood even after the businesses abandoned it to its fate. With humor and charm, "Dam Foolishness" more than explains life in small town America, what it leaves on its people, and what it means for the American spirit.

Raff Ellis, Author/Lecturer


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