Monday, July 11, 2011

IBEX Trophy by John Cammalleri


Renzo Crespi is a young Italian soldier serving in Italian-occupied Corsica during World War II. The locals aren’t always pleasant with the occupying troops, particularly a young woman by the name of Adrienne Santi. Adrienne is the granddaughter of the wealthiest and most influential man in the area, and she is not happy to be serving soldiers who are not native to Corsican soil … until she meets Renzo.

Renzo and Adrienne fall in love, despite the possibility of terrible consequence. Their sin is fraternizing with the enemy; if their affair is discovered, Renzo could be court-martialed. Adrienne has much to lose as well, as her behavior could be seen as a betrayal to her country— especially in the eyes of the Maquisards, a rebel group hell-bent on liberating Corsica at any cost.
It’s not long before the evils of war threaten to overtake Renzo and Adrienne’s love. The Maquisards are ready to act, and soon Renzo and his Italian comrades find themselves in the middle of upheaval. Is love strong enough to survive a military coup? Only time will tell if either of the star-crossed lovers will live long enough to find out. It is a test of devotion, patriotism, and morality, as Italian and Corsican alike fight for their own versions of freedom.

About the Author

John Cammalleri was born in Paterson, NJ, attended Rutgers University, and spent thirty-three years in the corporate world in the areas of finance and logistics. Retiring in 2007, he and his wife, Evelyn, moved to Fort Pierce, Florida. John is a member of the Treasure Coast Writers Guild and the Florida Writers Association. His first novel was Protecting the Cittern.
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Co-Author Salvatore Cammalleri, John's father, was in Corsica as an Italian soldier during the time the novel is set, and much of the novel is based on his own experiences there.

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