Saturday, July 16, 2011

The First Church of Siren by Wig Nelson

The First Church of Siren by Wig Nelson is now available on Kindle and the Xeries Press Online Bookstore.

This second book in the Sirens series is a fast-paced, action-packed, sci-fi adventure, which takes place on three planets: Earth, Siren, and Preculis

After making the decision to join an exodus back to their home planet in the first book of the series, Sirens, the sirens from Earth were enjoying a heroes’ welcome on Siren until they realized something was missing in their lives. They prayed for the answer and found that indeed what was missing was prayer, which had been banished to The Monopole Valley on Siren centuries ago.

Unfortunately, outward display of emotion, be it public or private, was looked down upon as well. Love was also limited to the primitives of The Monopole Valley.

The Earth sirens once again enlist the help of their benefactor, Grand Master Phodan of Preculis, to help them relocate their church to Earth on a lake in central Florida. There, they hoped to worship free of religious persecution, but Earth has a bigotry of its own that they will have to deal with. . Regardless of the planet you're on, religious intolerance is a part of history that seems doomed to repeat itself.

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