Monday, June 6, 2011

News from FWA Conference Organizers: A Bazillion Agents and Publishers at this year’s Conference.

(Okay, we exaggerate a touch.)

Find your agent and meet your publisher at the 2011 FWA annual conference October 21-23, 2011, at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary. Our faculty includes some eight agents and eleven publishers.

You’ll meet them at the workshops and during meals, but if you’d like their undivided attention, we suggest you purchase individual interviews. The cost is reasonable ($40 for ten minutes one-on-one), and the interviews are invaluable, whether you want to pitch your work or just get some advice. No need to feel shy or nervous: these decision-makers are looking for new voices. That’s why they’re coming to the conference!

Check out the list below. Virtually every genre is represented, so you should be able to find your ideal interview(s). There’s plenty of info about each faculty member on the FWA website:

Warning: the schedules for agents and publishers fill quickly, so make your appointments without delay:

Need to register for the conference? Easy:

We look forward to seeing you at the conference, where FWA will celebrate ten years of reaching new heights and where many of us will find our agent and meet our publisher.

Janell W. Agyeman, Marie Brown Associates Literary Services. Nonfiction: health & wellness, spirituality, environment/sustainable living, current events, family & child development, memoir, biography, and creative nonfiction; African-American, Latino/Latin American or African Diaspora history and culture topics. Fiction: YA and middle grade: historical, contemporary (fantasy okay but no vampires), series and individual titles.

Marisa Corvisiero, Esq., Agent, L. Perkins Agency. Nonfiction: guides and tales about the legal practice, parenting, self-help, and mainstream science (no textbooks please). Fiction: cross-genre romance, science fiction, fantasy and urban fantasy, horror, thriller/adventure, suspense, literary, quality chick lit, YA, and children’s books.

Saritza Hernandez, E-Publishing Agent, L. Perkins Agency. Erotic romance, paranormal or urban fantasy romance, steampunk, cyberpunk, gothic horror, and GLBT-themed romance.

Kirsten Neuhaus, Kirsten Neuhaus Literary. Narrative nonfiction, particularly concerning current events, international affairs, cultural studies. Smart, well written fiction, stories with strong female voices.

Chantelle Aimee Osman, A Twist of Karma, Entertainment. Screenplay consulting and editing.

Nicole Resciniti, Associate Agent, The Seymour Agency. Fiction: romance (all genres), YA, action/suspense, mystery, commercial thriller, Christian/Inspirational, sci-fi/fantasy/UF, and historical romance. Nonfiction: medical, scientific, and political; how-to’s by qualified professionals.

Katherine Sands, Agent, Sarah Jane Freymann Literary. Nonfiction: food, travel, lifestyle, home arts, beauty, wisdom, relationships, parenting, fresh looks, life challenges, popular culture, memoir, and femoir (women’s memoir).

Mary Sue Seymour, The Seymour Agency. Romance, women’s fiction, nonfiction and inspirational books.


Robert Brown, Publisher, Ampichellis Ebooks [independent traditional e-publisher]. All commercially viable genres, especially young adult, mystery, suspense/thriller, romance, and urban fantasy.

Sharene Martin-Brown, Art & Editorial Director, Ampichellis Ebooks [independent traditional e-publisher]. All genres, but primarily young adult mysteries, novels that fit into educational settings for YA and middle-grade readers, stories centered on a human/animal friendship, dance-themed stories, romance, and horror.

Rik Feeney, CEO, Richardson Publishing & PublishingSuccessOnline.Com [fee-based publisher, epublisher]. Any genre.

Dr. Robert Z. Gussin, CEO, Oceanview Publishing [independent traditional publisher]. Mystery, thriller and suspense genres.

Dr. Patricia Gussin, President & Editor-in-Chief, Oceanview Publishing [independent traditional publisher]. Mystery, thriller and suspense genres.

Julie Ann Howell, Publisher, Peppertree Press [fee-based publisher and fourth-year Platinum Sponsor for FWA’s annual conference]. All genres; projects are thoroughly screened and evaluated before acceptance.

Rebecca Melvin, Owner, CEO, Double Edge Press [independent traditional publisher]. Genres within the Christian spectrum, fiction and nonfiction.

Neal P. Melvin, Head of Acquisitions and Steering, CIO, Double Edge Press [independent traditional publisher]. Genres within the Christian spectrum, fiction and nonfiction.

Eugene Orlando, CEO, Scriptor Publishing, Inc. [fee-based epublisher operating on commission (no initial cost to authors)]. Any genre of fiction for adults and children; good nonfiction, including memoirs.

Harley Patrick, Publisher, L&R Publishing, LLC [independent traditional publisher]. Military history, veteran memoir, adventure travel, and historical/adventure titles under the imprints of Hellgate Press and Hellgate Press Fiction.

Lynn Price, Editorial Director, Behler Publications [independent traditional publisher]. Fiction and nonfiction personal journeys with social relevance.

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