Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting started with Twitter

Twitter Getting Started
© Lou Belcher

Someone asked me just the other day how to use Twitter to promote her art, and I thought I might share this article with you. You may find it helpful in getting the most out of Twitter.

Twitter has changed the way many of us communicate about our lives, our businesses (our books and writing events) and to our friends. Technically, Twitter is classified as mini-blogging.

One of the chief uses for it in business is to send traffic to the website or blog of the business. It works just as well for those not in business. Here is how it might work for you in promoting your books or your organization:

1. Develop your blog or website about what you want people to know (your products, services, club, family or organization). Twitter is conducive to increasing the number of people you can reach.

2. Once you have developed your blog or website, put content on it that will be of interest to the folks you want to become your readers, potential customers, or clients. To keep their interest, you must post to it frequently and keep it looking fresh and updated.

3. Show your products, services or information to best advantage on your blog or website.

4. Once your blog or website is fully functional, sign up with Twitter.

5. Be sure to include your web address on the Profile page of your Twitter site, so people will be able to go to your blog or website easily.

6. Once your Twitter site is set up and you have tweeted a few times, begin to look for followers.

7. Make your tweets interesting and valuable to potential followers. And when you post something new on your blog or website, send people to it by putting the URL in the tweet.

Many people use Facebook in the same way.

If you have items to add to this list, please feel free to comment. Thx.

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