Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Fairlington Lavender Detective Series by S.N. Bronstein

Anyone even remotely acquainted with Miami Beach knows that it is both Paradise Gained and Paradise Lost. Just as enigmatic is a former police officer and current private investigator Fairlington Lavender who works in the heart of the city.

Lavender has the insights and technical expertise of a 21st century investigator along with the tenacity and attitude of a 1940's gumshoe-philosopher. This leads the reader on a fast paced, sometimes humorous, sometimes emotional adventure in the first two novels of The Fairlington Lavender Detective Series. The trilogy includes The Case of the Miami Philanthropist, The Case of the Miami Blackmailer, and the soon to be published; The Case of the Miami Vigilante.

Author S. N. Bronstein, a life long resident of Miami Beach, lived and wrote for three years in The Washington, D.C. area. He now permanently resides in Indialantic with his wife Dawn and cat Nugget. Following a 35 year career as an educator in Miami, Bronstein retired in 2008 and devotes his time to writing.

His books are available at,,, in the Books and Books Lincoln Road outlet on Miami Beach, and on his web site.

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