Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Rebellion of Nilofleur by Sieglinde P. Young

This novel is an intimate tale of human relationships; an historical love story of passion, self discovery and a woman's subservient position in the mid-eighteen hundreds in Egypt. It shows Nilofleur's struggles with the polarizing differences between East and West. Philippe, a Parisian aristocrat becomes enthralled with the young Egyptian woman, trapped in an arranged, loveless marriage and follows her to Egypt. There he is befriended by her husband. Fate seems intent on keeping Nilofleur and Philippe separated, but they take risks even though it could cost them their lives. Their tribulations culminate during the celebrations of the grand opening of the Suez Canal.


He bowed. "Madame plans to participate in the race today?"

She contemplated him for a moment. He never asked her plans, she always gave orders – he must have a reason. A slight tinge of mischief shimmered in her eyes.

"Should I?"

"This might be your only chance to display your horsemanship. Riyad Pasha sent you a present. Perhaps, after you open it in your salon, while Waffah tends to other duties, you will decide. I will wait for your answer." Omar bowed and backed down the stairs.

Curious, Nolly took the steps two at a time and dashed to her bedroom. Waffah had just finished spreading the magnificent Louis XV bed with a snow-white Alençon lace counterpane.

"Please leave and see to my breakfast."

"Your bath, Madame."

"Later, go now." Nolly untied the ribbon wrapped around a colorful scarf and stared at the man’s riding outfit. She laughed and held it in front of her. Would she dare? She knew this race was no ordinary race. Arab horsemanship would be on display. There would be a total disregard of Ascot or Longchamps racing conventions.

She stripped and donned the habit. Dare she participate? Her pulses pounded with indecision and excitement. Suddenly she gasped for air and clasped her chest. Her chance, her one and only. Riyad had opened the door.

She jerked a long, black flowing cape from her armoire, spread it around her shoulders and summoned Omar.

As if he’d been waiting for her call, he appeared within seconds and slipped into her room.

"What do you think? Will I pass?"


"What is it, Omar?"

A grin flitted over Omar‘s face. "You have decided to ride."

"My only chance."

"For what, Madame?"

"To set myself free."

About the Author:

Sieglinde P. Young was born in Hannover, Germany and personally experienced the horrors of World War II. After the war she and her family emigrated to Canada and a few years later to Miami, Florida. After she raised three daughters, wanderlust struck and the next twenty years took her and her husband to live and work in West Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East.

She now resides in Cocoa, Florida.

Ms. Young’s book The Rebellion of Nilofleur is available at Amazon. com and as an e-book in Kindle format.

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