Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Psychic by Wig Nelson

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Synopsis Of The Psychic

By Wig Nelson

A psychic tries to stay one step ahead of a mysterious scientist from his alma mater, Columbia University , as he is stalked from a cruise ship in the Caribbean to New York City .

Eddie Corrigan is working aboard a cruise ship as a psychic performer when the fabric of his mind appears to unravel. He is an ex-profiler for VICAP, within the FBI, who had to resign for health reasons. Using his gift usually produces severe headaches which increase in duration with each onset. Although his condition improves with exposure to salt air, his fear is that, in time, he’ll produce the one headache that never goes away.

Eddie’s brother, Bobby, is his former police partner who works for the Jacksonville , Florida PD. His beat is homicide, which comes in handy when people aboard the cruise ship begin to be killed off in very peculiar ways. Eddie enlists Bobby’s help as well as that of a beautiful cruise director named Erin Kahill. The three try to solve the mystery behind the bizarre deaths before becoming one of the next victims.

They discover that an evil doctor from the zoology department of Eddie and Bobby’s alma mater, Columbia University , is behind the heinous acts aboard the ship. Eddie and Erin are quick to realize the depth of their dilemma. They fear trusting anyone, or indeed, their own senses. Strained trust issues culminate into a tense emotional attachment as they race to uncover a plan to undermine the national security of The United States.

The death of a close, friend many miles away, brings them to a funeral in Atlanta , Georgia , where Bobby rekindles his relationship with the dead boy’s sister, Megan. Megan’s job involves data-mining for the Department of Homeland Security directly under a man appointed by the President named Jonathan Bridges. Her access to the director is an integral part of the devious plans of the evil mind shaper, Dr. Gerald Fitzsimmons.

Fitzsimmons had developed a method of personality reconstruction through the use of multi-sensory fixed interval stimuli. Beyond the Hilgard scale (one thru five) lies a new plateau of waking somnambulism whereby the subject can act beyond the parameters of self-preservation. An inter-hypnotic suggestion produces a flight response in order to defend against exposure to the subject’s innate phobia. A phobic reaction to fixed interval stimuli results in a hyper susceptible state conducive to personality reconstruction. Have you ever answered the phone and there was no one there? Wanna bet?

Eddie and Erin manage to stay a slender step ahead of the Fitzsimmons as they travel to New York City . Eddie agrees to develop a psychic connection show called Eddie Corrigan: Medium At Large. His hope is to flush out Fitzsimmons at a time of his choosing, (during the show) which leads to the discovery of the evil doctor’s lair.

Within the cell of terrorists, Fitzsimmons has been hatching a plan that will be the exclamation point to the statement that the 9/11 acts intended to drive home to us all. No one is safe.

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