Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pocket-47 by Jude Hardin

Now available from Oceanview Publishing

by Jude Hardin


Twenty years after crawling from the fiery wreckage of a chartered jet and witnessing his wife and daughter perish, private investigator Nicholas Colt makes a horrifying discovery while tracking a runaway teenage girl.

Fearing for her life because of some incriminating evidence she stumbled upon, fifteen-year-old Brittney Ryan takes to the streets. Colt is hired to find her, but soon finds himself in an ever-widening maze of deceit and betrayal.

Determined to save Brittney and untangle the threads his own tortured past, Colt is forced to square off with one of the most heinous and violent criminals in modern history.


"POCKET-47 sucked me in and held me enthralled. Author Jude Hardin keeps the pace frantic, the thrills non-stop, but best of all is his hero, the wonderfully ironic Nicholas Colt. This is a character I'm eager to follow through many adventures to come."

--Tess Gerritsen, NYT bestselling author of ICE COLD.

"Nicolas Colt is a PI who cares about people. And, his creator, Jude Hardin, makes us care about Nicolas Colt.

Colt is tough, smart and persistent, characteristics he shares with most other private eyes in crime fiction.

But he's a believable character as well - and that's something many writers seem to have trouble bringing off. Not Hardin. Pocket-47 is a thoroughly engaging, nonstop slay ride. Read it."

--Leighton Gage, author of DYING GASP

* Pocket-47: "Hardin gets everything right in his powerhouse thriller debut, which introduces rock star-turned-PI Nicholas Colt. The sole survivor of a plane crash that killed everyone in his band as well as his wife and baby daughter 20-some years earlier, Colt now works out of an SUV in north Florida. Strapped for cash, he agrees to help 23-year-old Leitha Ryan track down her missing 15-year-old sister, Brittney. Leitha is reluctant to involve the police out of fear that they will return Brittney to foster care. What appears to be a straightforward case proves to be anything but. Colt uncovers several murders as it becomes clear that Brittney disappeared in order to hide from someone who wants to kill her. The violence, while sometimes extreme, is never gratuitous, and Hardin crafts a well-constructed plot and conjures up a flawed protagonist who's more than capable of carrying a series."

(May)- Publishers Weekly April 2011

About the Author

Jude Hardin has worked as a fence installer, pizza delivery man, convenience store clerk, freelance journalist, film extra, professional drummer, bartender, avionics technician, carpet cleaner, chemical plant supervisor, substitute teacher, and registered nurse. His varied vocations have given him a wealth of experiences for his true passion--writing novels.

Jude graduated from the University of Louisville with an English degree, and currently lives and works in northeast Florida. When he's not pounding away at the computer keyboard, Jude can be found pounding away on his drums, playing tennis, reading, or down at the pond fishing with his son.

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