Monday, May 9, 2011

The Little Fish from the Sea by Roger Neetz

Publish America is pleased to announce the publication of, The Little Fish from the Sea, a new book by Roger Neetz. The story will touch the heart of all who read it .Written especially for children, who can identify with the main character, the book will capture the hearts and minds of mothers and guardians as well.

The setting is Cuba in the early years of the revolution. The story begins when a dissident Cuban writer, who has turned to the open sea as a panacea for his disillusionment of the political changes, finds a little girl floating in a small yellow life preserver in the open sea. This discovery defines the story’s next phase. The girl denies any knowledge of her past but reveals a musical talent that astounds the writer.

Each page of the 90-page book is filled with a love relationship that develops with every being the little girl meets. Good writing makes the book easy to read and the places, events and characters move the story to a happy ending. The path traveled challenges tragedy, sorrow and misfortune, all normal life experiences that growing children face. But the story leaves a message of good will that children can recall.

As a publisher, Publish America highly recommends the book for young people as a must summer read. The beauty of the story rests in the young child’s love for all who help her find the answer to her prayer.

Books can be ordered directly from all major bookstores, on line through, Barnes and, and on the Publish America website,

Roger Neetz, a resident of Vero Beach, Florida has authored three historical novels. This is his first children’s works. A graduate of Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service, his career included assignments with CIA ,and the Foreign Agricultural Service in Europe and the Soviet Union.

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