Sunday, May 1, 2011

King and the Cowboy by William A. Cummins

What makes King and the Cowboy so valuable?

Here are a few things of value from this book:

* How a horse can touch and enrich your life
* The secrets of a simple lesson in trust
* Why real cowboys do not pull leather
* Three rules for training a horse to perform successfully on stage
* The entire stage routine that made King and me big stars on stage
* How to make quick and correct decisions every time you work with your horse
* How to memorize and write western songs
* The secret of the four hour workday
* Two things you must do instinctively if your horse rears over backwards
* Why trick roping needs hands-on training
* And much, much, more...

About the Author

William Cummins "Bill" was born and raised on a farm in Ohio. As a young boy, his pony and his guitar were most important to him. And his hero was Gene Autry. By 16, he knew 300 songs and had a radio show. He learned to break and train horses and trick roping, too. With his horse King, he headlined across Ohio, doing stage tricks.

Bill acquired his first pony when he was six years old and his first guitar when he was ten. His hero was America's favorite singing cowboy, Gene Autry!

Eventually, he gave it up for a full-time jog and a family. Now his knowledge of those days is captured in King and the Cowboy. He currently lives in Port Orange, Florida and is launching the publication of this book.

You can find ordering information at the CAI Publishing website.

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