Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Yellow Ochre Stain by Kee Briggs

Kee Briggs is the author of the Usher Orlop Mystery Series. I've followed that series for years. Now... I'm excited to know that Briggs has just released The Yellow Ochre Stain as the first in the Sage Grayling Mystery Series. It's my opinion that he can't write the books in this series fast enough to suit me. I'll be reading all of them.

Sage Grayling, the main character of this new series, is an artist. As he is about to finish painting a large landscape on a wall within a mansion, his boss is murdered. He must solve the murder in order to clear himself of suspicion. Briggs has developed an engaging character in Sage Grayling. The dialogue is natural, the plot is intriguing, and supporting characters have interesting quirks of their own. I highly recommend this book.

About the Author

Out of the Pacific Northwest, through the Far East, and on to Mexico. Gathering experience, knowledge, and skills. Back into the family tradition of art. A sculptor-painter translating thoughts, experiences and impressions into tangible forms.

Now exploring the printed word. Kee Briggs is the author of The Usher Orlop Mystery Series, some stand alone novels in the areas of political thriller and science fiction. Now, he has published a new mystery series.... The Sage Grayling Mystery Series. The Yellow Ochre Stain is the first in the series.

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Don't miss this great new book.

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Anonymous said...

I really liked the characters and settings for the Usher Orlop mysteries. I am looking forward to reading the "Sage" series.

A Kee fan