Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Book: Hazardous to My Health - The Marlboro Man I Knew

Hazardous to My Health is Marcia N. Hill’s memoir of the kidnapping of her and her two young children by Claude Hall, the third man to be used in the famous Marlboro Man advertising campaign by Philip Morris.

This story is not about cigarettes or smoking. It’s about abduction, rape and extreme abusive violence. It’s about fear. It’s about one man’s powerful influence over the police and politicians in Hawaii, California and Nevada. It’s about the evil brutality of one Claude Hall, the Marlboro Man. It’s also about survival… For four long years she survived. Now, after decades of silence, Marcia N. Hill is finally telling her story.

Hill recounts the excitement of the nightlife of Waikiki; the visiting with famous personalities and the abrupt, surreal violence behind closed doors. One month she is spending a long week-end with Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett in Nevada; the next month she is fighting to stay alive in Santa Cruz, California. The unexpected violent ending in the sleepy little fishing village of Playa Zancudo, Costa Rica, will leave the reader stunned.

About the Book:
Hazardous to My Health - The Marlboro Man I Knew by Marcia N Hill
ISBN: 978-0-9814735-7-4
Publisher: Oak Ridge Publishing
Date of Publish: March 15, 2010
Pages: 158
S.R.P.: $16.95

About the Author:
Marcia N Hill was born in a log cabin in Prescott, Arizona. She moved to Hawaii as a teenager, married and raised her children in the islands. Marcia and her children live their lives today filled with enthusiasm, joy and laughter. She now lives in The Villages in Florida.

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