Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Kindle Edition of How to Help When Parents Grieve is Out

I just received word from Holly Fox Vellekoop that her book How to Help When Parents Grieve is now available on Kindle. You'll find it at Amazon.com

Holly indicated that Mia Crews and her husband Phil converted Holly's book to Kindle. Here's what they sent about the services they provide:

Mia Crews and Karlene Conroy are offering 5-page websites for $400 plus cost of domain and hosting, with the option for free hosting with a "GoDaddy" banner under Mia's account. Mia's husband, Phil Crews, former Information Technology (IT) manager for a government contractor, is now available to create an Amazon Kindle publication from your electronic file (Microsoft Word or HTML) for $100 with minimal editing. Uploading a cover image and table of contents is included in that price. Rates for complex file formats and extensive editing are negotiable. Contact Mia Crews at mia@editorian.com and be sure to download a free sample of Holly Vellekoop's book "How to help WHEN PARENTS GRIEVE" to see how great your book will look on the Kindle! Phil Crews will soon be offering conversions for the Nook.

Visit Mia and Karlene's website www.editorian.com for free information on writing, manuscript formatting, editing and much more.

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