Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crossing the Stateline by Allan E. Ansorge

The second of the “Bay Harbour Mysteries

(Lady Lake, Florida, March 22, 2011) Author Allan E. Ansorge a resident of the village of Santo Domingo announces release of the mystery book Crossing The Stateline. It is the second book of the six book “Bay Harbour” series that debuted in 2009. The characters are back with the addition of a few new folks who will amuse and entertain in Ansorge’s quick witted style.

This edition answers several questions Crossing The Centerline raised about the residents of Bay Harbour’s past and adds a few new puzzles for the reader to solve. In particular, the two would be desperados Moss and Gibby (who first appeared 2 years ago in a fund-raising anthology for “Toys for Tots”) appear to lend their own view of right and wrong to a fast-paced tale.

As the epilogue of Crossing The Centerline hinted, someone sets off on a little journey, but:
“If your planned little getaway is interrupted by uninvited friends, a runaway heiress who claims to be an anarchist, drug dogs, DEA agents, and bodies start piling up everywhere you go. Maybe you should have just stayed in “Bay Harbour”.

Crossing The Stateline – has echoes of Evanovich. Ansorge’s wit alone is worth the read, but there’s a lot more than that. Buy this book!” Reed Farrel Coleman Three time Shamus Award winning author of “Innocent Monster”
All of Allan E. Ansorge’s books are available on his web page at and where ebooks and paper books are sold. Mr. Ansorge is available for appearances and interviews by contacting him through his web page.

About the Author

Raised in what was then a small Wisconsin farming community Allan did not see a real library until he was forced onto a bus to attend high school. There he found Holmes and Christie. After a successful career in business ownership he returned to his Florida home to spread imagination and humor to the enjoyment of we who wait to see, What Happens Next?

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