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The Cost of Courage by Joseph Cordaro

“The Cost of Courage” (ISBN 1456339958)

Lieutenant Commander Charles Courtland, a hero of the British Royal Navy, returns home from being wounded in the 1916 Battle of Jutland with scars that aren’t necessarily visible. Fighting the Germans during the war’s major naval battle has psychologically scarred Courtland – and his young son, Brent, who grows up emotionally distant from his father, but follows in his footsteps to become a naval officer during World War II.

Brent experiences his own horror, during the most secret mission of the war.

Although the book reads like a war story, its first half describes how strained family relations affect generations of friendship and romance. We meet Brent at age five, when his father returns wounded from the First World War. He neglects Brent, who grows up devoid of any true relationship with his father.

The book recognizes that while it might be easy to recognize the sacrifices made by wounded veterans returning from battle, it’s much harder to see the deep emotional and psychological scars many endure. Not so readily apparent are the aftereffects of battle on a soldier’s psyche. The author notes that war’s gruesome images and experiences not only affect the troops, but also their families.

About the Author

Joseph Cordaro, a New York native, served in the U.S. Navy, and was a professional aviator for 37 years.

During that time, Cordaro flew to the United Kingdom on numerous occasions. He came to know the English people and developed a deep respect for their pluck, determination, and courage. It was these attributes that inspired him to write this story of the Royal Navy, and how one family faced the physical and psychological hardships of two world wars.

Where to Purchase

"The Cost of Courage" by Joseph Cordaro, can be purchased on the Createspace E-store at or

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