Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Autography is rolling out for autographing ebooks.

Autography LLC’s patent-pending method for autographing ebooks makes it’s official debut at Book Expo America in New York, May 23, 2011.

With Autography, writers can personalize their readers' ebooks as easily as they do a physical book. Our service is device agnostic, working equally well on the Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo, Literati, or Sony eReader.

Right now, you stand in two lines at a book signing – one to purchase the book from the retailer and a second to have the author sign it. We’re reversing that order via technology. Because the actual purchasing transaction is pushed off until after the signature event takes place, the reader’s experience is significantly improved.

Readers can export the autograph page to their favorite social media sites (Facebook and Twitter), with more social media options coming in the next few months – and not just domestically. While Autography is designed for mobile media, it is also designed for the increasing overseas eReading community.

TJ Waters tested the system while on a USO tour last year. Over the course of 10 days and 20,000 miles, he signed copies of his ebook Prior To The Snap for troops in eight different countries – including one event on the flight deck of our plane, a KC-135 air-to-air refueler with the call sign “Turbo 99”.

Waters said, "I’ve also done a radio interview and ebook signing. From my home in Florida I did a radio interview with Irish Public Radio in Dublin last month. I got to talk about my ebook for 8 minutes on air and the station re-cut the audio into a 20-minute podcast on their website. In both interviews, I offered to sign ebooks for listeners. The last two minutes of the interview, including the ebook signing discussion, is on Autography’s Facebook page."

The Implications

What this means is the opportunities for book signings are virtually limitless. Authors can now go to where their readers are. It doesn’t have to be a war zone or a foreign radio station. Imagine sports, wine, and cigar bars – they can now host author events for whatever topics their customers have an interest in. Everything the author needs to conduct the event will be sitting on a tablet computer (iPad or Droid).

Authors will be able to conduct ebook “tours” via live streaming video, connecting with readers around the world while sleeping in their own beds every night. Think of the advantages over traditional physical book tours:

• No high travel expenses
• No lost writing time
• No inventory to manage
• No cash box to maintain
• No taxes to collect

TJ Waters submitted this information and we'll look forward to more information about Autography.

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