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Apache Promise by Carol Didier

Can love survive in a land of fire and although promises are made, can they be kept?

COCHISE promises upon his life to rid Apacheria of the hated white-eyes who killed his family and are stealing his homeland.

KAYTO promises Amanda, his white wife, that he will come for her as soon as the fighting is over —if he lives through it.

AMANDA CARROLL promises to wait, but the hatred for all things Indian in Tucson may not let her keep her promise.

CAT EYES has wanted only one thing all her life and that is Kayto, and she promises that if she can’t have him, no one else will.

CANDICE CARROLL has fallen in love with the most unsuitable man but her heart promises to love him, in spite of it.

DAMON KNIGHT, a professional gambler, promises Candice that if she ever needs him, she can come to him, but it is a promise he has no right to make.

Follow the exciting continuation of a love that refuses to die in Apache Promise Amanda Carroll, the Eastern Baltimore belle, and Kayto, the Chiricahua Apache brave, from book one, Apache Warrior, April 2008 try to live through the nightmare that has become Cochise’s War of revenge to rid his homeland of all Whites-Eyes and Mexicans.

In the1860’s the Civil War is depleting the New Mexico and Arizona territories of the U. S. Army causing the Chiricahuas to falsely assume that they are winning their war. They do not realize that when the War-Between-the States end, the army will return with a vengeance to put down the Apache Indians once and for all.

With the war in full battle stage, Amanda is torn between staying in the Stronghold or going on to Tucson to be with her sister and uncle. Events precipitate her having to make the choice when it becomes too dangerous to stay. Her heart breaks at the thought of leaving Kayto, but she cannot countenance the fact that he is killing her people and knows it will eventually destroy their love. She realizes she must leave Kayto and return to Tucson.

The story opens with Amanda’s arrival into Tucson, dressed in Apache clothes, riding an Indian pony down the main street into town.

Look for the conclusion of Kayto and Amanda’s love story and the end of the wild and free Apache when they finally surrender and are put on the first reservation in Arizona, and Amanda becomes their first school teacher in Apache Winter due on Kindle on shortly.

About the Author

Carol’s passion is the American West and and its first Americans. She has been writing historical romances for 10 years and is happy to present her second book, Apache Promise, which follows Apache Warrior, published by Kensington Books in 2008.

Her stories are about the taboo love between a Native American male and a white woman in the 1800’s of Southwest America. Her stories prove that love knows no color, creed or race; it happens in the heart when and where you least expect it, and if allowed to grow, can conquer differences in culture, hatred, and personal loss.

She belongs to a local writers group, Space Coast Writers’ Guild, and serves on their board as secretary. Carol has also been published in Charisma and Literary Lift-Off magazines. In her spare time she writes inspirational vignettes, verses for greeting cards, and stories for her grandchildren. She resides on the East Coast of Florida. Please visit her web site and let her hear from you:

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