Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boat Tales by Gordon England

A New Release from Gordon England

This collection of Gordon’s true life stories will take you across the globe in search of adventure. Whether he’s chasing sailfish in Panama or hunting dove and quail deep in Mexico, Gordon pursues outdoor sports with a passion for the biggest and best. In these tales he catches huge dolphin in the Exumas, races motocross through woods both on and off the trails, hunts ducks in brutal Texas snow and ice, hooks hopelessly large blue marlin in Nassau, and gets lost at sea in a monstrous Gulf of Mexico storm.

Gordon’s adventures often take place on Boat Tales, his 21-foot Aquasport walkabout, based in Nassau, Bahamas. His love of the ocean is captured in his travels across Florida’s Gulf Stream, to Abaco’s fabled Hole in the Wall, to remote islands of the Exumas, and from Abaco to Eluthera to Nassau in the dead of the night across miles of coral reefs at low tide. These tales will capture your imagination, vicariously take you to exotic lands, and entertain you with Gordon’s true-life escapades.

Boat Tales is a collection of ten true to life adventures drawn from Gordon England’s outdoor lifestyle and nautical journeys.

About the Author

Gordon England is an avid outdoorsman, living in Cocoa Beach and sometimes the Bahamas. He loves hunting, deep sea fishing, and exploring the islands. In real life he is a civil engineer, President of Stormwater Solutions.

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