Saturday, February 12, 2011

We You Talking To Me? by Aitch Embee

From the Author

Were You Talking to Me
is a collection of short stories centered on a fictitious character with the unusual name of Martin Luther Gittleman. The reader will get to know Marty’s wife Rose, his granddaughter Sally, Roses nephew Lubber, Marty’s dear friend Fred, and even Mr. Death with whom Marty has various casual conversations regarding a topic most people try to avoid, right to the end.

Theses stories are about many of the ordinary things that take place in everybody’s life and the reader is bound to recognize an event or a person or something with which he is familiar. Most of the stories are humorous, some informative, and some even poignant.

In the story, Aunt Peggy Went Away, we find Marty trying to explain to 5 year old Sally the death of her loving aunt. The subject is sad and, yet, one we have all dealt with. The tale ends with Sally’s typical but unexpected response.

St. Mathew’s involves the supernatural, a story told as a result of the difference in Marty’s and Fred’s outlook on life. Marty’s rendition describing an evening in the town of St. Mathew’s bolsters Fred’s convictions until the surprise ending.

Lubber, Rose’s nephew, is a thorn in Marty’s side. Marty has traveled too far through life and Lubber is a typical teenager. We never actually hear a word Lubber says. However, we know his every word and action by Marty’s responses and reactions.

Mr. Death is the being responsible for collecting souls of the newly departed. Most folks avoid even the mention of his name, yet he and Marty have several casual conversations in the comfort of Marty’s warm den. All deal with human beliefs and reactions to what is considered an unacceptable but inevitable event. Each of these tales is treated rather lightly and end with Marty making some off the wall comment.

Sit down, pick up the book and enjoy a few moments of casual reading. Read one, read two, or all fifty. You will be amused, diverted, and walk away with the warm feeling usually found after a visit with nice friends.

About the Author

The author is a retired PE mechanical engineer living in Brevard County since 1977. He is a graduate of the University of Miami with a graduate degree from the University of Memphis. My career included stints with Westinghouse, Pratt & Whitney, PRC, Lockheed, General Dynamics, SAIC, and INET. Also taught engineering at State Technical Institute at Memphis as an Associate Professor. I am an avid sailor and have been sailing since the age of eight. A life member of United States Power Squadron with the rank of senior navigator.

He's been writing most of his life and has had articles in several magazines and a published thesis. He attends the Cocoa Beach Writer's Workshop.

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