Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shadow of a Promise by Patricia Marlett

Shadow of a Promise, the sequel to Passionate Promises, continues the story of identical twins, Sabrina and Sophie. As Sabrina unveils a surprising legacy in Passionate Promises; likewise, Sophie encounters her own revelation that rocks the core of her life.

Sophie’s perfect world has just been shattered. Shocked when one of her newborn twins is diagnosed with a life-threatening health condition, she finds herself thrust into an emotional abyss, fighting against events and circumstances that quickly escalate out of control, leaving her desperate for a resolution other than the one she is facing. Unable to accept the doctor’s prognosis, she finds herself alone in her quest for another answer to her baby’s medical crisis.

Sophie discovers she must deal with a secret that has haunted her for years; never considering there could be a connection between her past and her daughter’s future. In her deepest, darkest hour of despair, she cries out in agony for help with nowhere to turn. Gripped in grief and frantic, as time is slipping away, she struggles to make restitution, but will her efforts be enough to save her baby from an unacceptable fate? She questions if her purposeful estrangement to the legacy in Passionate Promises is somehow affecting her life in Shadow of a Promise.

This is Marlett's third book, a sequel to Passionate Promises. For more information, visit her website at and contact her at This book is available for purchase at your local bookstore and online (e.g., Amazon and Barnes and Noble).

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