Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SCWG Writers' Conference - January 28-29, 2011

David and Aimee Thurlo will be at the SCWG Writer's Conference. Here's an email Joyce Henderson received from them...

It's January, the perfect month to curl up with a good book! With that in mind, we bring you a brand new paperback - Twilight Warrior.

This special book is about not letting the past define who we ultimately become. It's about the courage to go forward and start new, so January was the perfect month for its release! The mystery revolves around the search for a serial killer and the cost of failure.

The reviewers have greeted the book with many positive remarks - all but one. She thought we gave the dog in the story too large a role. David and I are dog people, so once you guys read the book, write in and let us know what you thought.

As always, copies are available almost anywhere, but for signed copies contact Bookworks in Albuquerque - (505) 344-8139 or bkwrks.com.

We'll be in Cocoa Beach at the end of this month at the Space Coast Writer's conference. If any of you are in the area, please stop by. We'll be signing books there and would love to meet you!

Here's the information:

January 28-29, 2011
International Spa Resort, Cocoa Beach
(formally the Holiday Inn)
1300 North Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Other news: This fall marks the appearance of BLACK THUNDER, our next Ella Clah mystery. Also, a Hollywood production company renewed their option for the Lee Nez Navajo vampire series. Is there a movie in our future? Stay tuned.

Walk in beauty,

Aimée and David Thurlo

For information about the conference, visit http://www.scwg.org

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