Monday, December 6, 2010

The French Teacher by William C. Walker

William C. Walker's book, The French Teacher is currently #2 on the ten-bestseller list at the Vero Beach Book Center. Congratulations to Bill for that.

It's the story of Noelle Stevenson and her sister as they journey to France at the height of the Great Depression. They are taken in by a wealthy Frenchman whose obligation to their dead father was born on a WW I battlefield—the ultimate sacrifice that the older man can never fully repay.

The story is summarized best by the blurb on the back cover...
In the summer of 1940, the German military hurtles into France and Noelle must make a fateful decision. Should she put her career as a fashion model on hold and return to America, or remain in her adopted country and rescue helpless orphans from the Nazi onslaught? Quickened by the flame of desire for a dashing, French Naval officer, and emboldened by a chance encounter with Charles De Gaulle, Noelle discovers a reservoir of strength and a depth of love that together put her in the perilous crosshairs of the Gestapo.
About the Author

William C. Walker started his writing career as a columnist for a regional Virginia newspaper. During a thirty-five year span as a military pilot and commercial airline captain he began writing short stories and novels. His previous novel, Errand of Mercy, is also available on Amazon Kindle. He lives on Florida’s Treasure Coast with his wife and a fluff dog that likes him.

The book is available at the Vero Beach Book Center. It's also available from Catawba Publishing
and as a Kindle download from Amazon

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