Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Birds of Hope by Lloyd Behrendt

Birds of Hope by Lloyd Behrendt is a primer of discovery and wonder, to inspire kids about unintended consequences and how they can point the way to a sustainable future. Featuring more than 30 full-color photo oils of wild birds and rocket launches, it is also surely for adults who appreciate fine art of Florida subjects.

About the author and artist
Born at Guantanamo Bay Naval Air Station long before it was in the news, Lloyd's life as a dependent in an Air Force family led to his likely being the original Space Brat -- he got to watch the very first US rocket take off from a Florida beach. His family had tours of duty that took them all the way round the world and then back to Cape Canaveral.

Overseas, he saw the most fantastic range of art, architecture, history and cultures. Back in Florida in time to see Alan Shepherd become the first American in space, he has covered the program as a photojournalist since the launch of Apollo 14, and currently has over 300 launches on film (and counting!). The black and white still images freeze moments in history as they become his original photo oil paintings.

He is a proud graduate of the University of Florida, and continues to cover the US space program from Florida's launch site. He lives with his Australian Shepherds at Blue Sawtooth Studio, nestled in palmetto scrub, in the quaint town of Malabar. More work can be seen at www.bluesawtooth.com.

The book is on sale at Amazon.com

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