Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sam the Grouchy As Usual Bear by May Lattanzio

Sam the Grouchy As Usual Bear was written to comfort those children grieving the loss of a
military parent at Christmas (but adults are identifying with it too). The book can be used in therapy or at home to prepare children for loss as well.

You'll find the book at or it can be ordered from the publisher,

About the Author

May Lattanzio began writing in junior high, but she got serious about it in her fifties after winning an honorable mention in a local writers group in Panama City, Florida. She even got a job with the weekly paper doing interviews and investigative reporting and joined a large critique group which met at noon at Books-A--Million. Because of their support, a growing collection of her experiences with wildlife grew into a book, Harvest of a Quiet Eye became Waltz on the Wild Side - An Animal Lover's Journal. It was published by Hawk Publishing Group.

Lattanzio is a writer, photographer and poet. She is also a mom to one, and GrandMay to two little ones. She surrounds herself with furry companions and two Senegal parrots. And, she takes great pleasure in the rescue and placement of dogs.

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