Friday, November 26, 2010

JANJAWEED - Devils on Horseback by Joseph and Jane Matthews

American Missionary children kidnapped in Sudan, Africa bring a Rambo-esque Marine sniper face to face with the evils of genocide and slavery and his own unresolved memories of war.

Authors Joseph and Jane Matthews begin a new trilogy of books with Janjaweed – Devils on Horseback. The setting is southern Sudan, the year 1993. Two American missionary children, African-American, are mistaken as being part of the native villagers. They are rounded up and kidnapped along with other children in the small community. Surely as U.S. citizens, these children will be safely returned, or so their parents mistakenly believe.

Joseph and Jane Matthews have taken the history of Sudan to weave a spell-binding tale of U.S. government impotency, United Nations duplicity, and the freedom fighters that truly exist in Sudan as a last resort to those whose loved ones have been lost to the barbarity of a legalized slave trade.

In addition to their years of research on the slavery and genocide in Africa, Mr. Matthews brings into the story his Vietnam experience with the main character Travis Martin, an ex-marine sniper suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. After diplomatic channels are deemed as too weak and too slow, it is up to Travis to join a small band of illegal and questionable freedom fighters to plan a rescue.

“I think the Matthews have brought a modern-day Rambo type series to life,” Rebecca Melvin of Double Edge Press says. “And in doing so, they are bringing attention to a situation in Africa that is at this very moment getting ready to explode with their elections to be held in January. They continue the story bringing it up to the present day in their second book, Media War, which will be released in 2011.”

About the Authors

Joseph Matthews is a Vietnam Veteran who saw heavy action during the Tet Offensive of 1968. Together with his wife Jane, a retired school teacher, they currently are working on book three of the Janjaweed series and reside in Indialantic, Florida.

Devils on Horseback
ISBN : 978-0-9819514-5-4
by Joseph & Jane Matthews
Fiction; African-American;
$21.95 each

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