Friday, November 26, 2010

Forgiven by Sunny Serafino

A divorced mother, her college-aged pregnant daughter, an elderly man and a confused young man all question their faith as they struggle with a diverse set of challenges. Only a decades old secret can bring healing and answers to them, but how can such a long-hidden secret be revealed other than through Divine Revelation?

Author Sunny Serafino weaves a haunting tale of mystery, faith and the intertwining of lives in Forgiven, her tenth novel of strong women characters.

Set in the small, fictional town of Gadara, Florida, Ms Serafino moves the action forward between a diverse set of characters connected to each other in ways not always apparent to themselves. A recently divorced middle-aged woman deals with new financial circumstances. Simultaneously, her daughter arrives home from college pregnant and dumped by her boyfriend. Across town, an elderly widower staves off loneliness and worries if the chest pains he’s been having are serious, and a confused young man runs from his past and future to the unknown in Miami.

Into each of these lives comes a stranger, one with no past nor future, but only the present to work within. Can a few simple conversations with a stranger reveal the answers that each of these people are looking for and bring their lives into line with each others’?

“Sunny Serafino brings her trademark everyday woman to life once again in her newest work, Forgiven,” Rebecca Melvin of Double Edge Press says. “Readers always immediately connect with her characters because they are facing the same challenges as many women today. In addition, Ms. Serafino shows God working in our lives sometimes entirely unnoticed by us. His working can be as inconsequential as the words of a stranger seemingly met by accident.”

About the Author

Sunny Serafino is the award-winning writer of ten books in print including Forgiven. Originally from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Sunny currently resides in Florida. She teaches creative writing and writing memoirs in independent workshops and as an invited teacher at South Florida Community College. She is a past president of the National League of American Pen Women and is a member of the Florida Writers Association.

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by Sunny Serafino
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