Friday, November 19, 2010

Don't Miss It: The Meet the Authors Book Fair

Book lovers, mark your calendars. November 20th or November 21st.

This year, the annual Art Works Fine Art Festival, which is held on Highland Avenue, November 20th and 21st, is joining with AFA (Authors For Authors) to feature a 'Meet The Authors" Book Fair, inside the civic center at Eau Gallie. (Adjacent to the Porcelain Art Display) 46 authors of all genres, from around the state, meeting and greeting readers, and signing books. (Yours truly included) We are proud to include John Torres of Florida Today as one of the authors in attendance.

The Book Fair will be open from 10 to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday while the major art festival takes place in the streets outside the civic center doors. I hope this can be mentioned in one of the upcoming events sections of Florida Today.

AFA (Authors For Authors) is a small group of writers who have been putting on book fairs to help support and promote the endeavors of local authors. Marshall Frank, Holly Fox Vellekoop and Valerie Allen are founders of the group.

For more information about the book fair, call Marshall Frank at (321)254-3398

Authors participating in the book fair are:

Mark Adduci, Valerie Allen, Lou Belcher, Leona DeRosa Bodie, Anne Bonner , Stuart Borton, Donna Lee B owers, Lee Boyland, Kee Briggs, John Cammalleri, Jane Caracci , Kathy Cummings, Diane DesRochers, Carol A. Didier, Betty Fagerlund , Marshall Frank, Valerie Froelich, ,Barbara Green, Lily Guzman, John Hamm, Robert Hart, Woody Hawthorne, Lucy Lauer, Malcolm Mahr, Sarah Mamika, Dianne Marcum , Patricia Marlett, Yvonne Mason, Pat McDonough, Robert Morrissey, Roger Neetz, Stephen Piperno, Joseph Richardson, H. V. Rhodes, Ricky Roberts, Frances Grace Rogers, Sally Riedesel, David Stewart, Joseph A. Szewc, Irma Tirro, Connie Titus, John Torres, Holly Fox Vellekoop, William Walker, Kay Williamson, E. Lynne Wright , Penny Zee.
Others participating through the book display are Maggy Simony and Lawrence Tuck.
See you there!

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