Friday, November 12, 2010

The 2010 Royal Palm Literary Awards for the Writers Guide to the Courroom: Let's Quill All The

Ft. Lauderdale employment attorney Donna Ballman has won First Place in the Florida Writers Association’s 2010 Royal Palm Literary Awards for her Educational/Informational book, The Writer’s Guide to the Courtroom: Let’s Quill All the Lawyers.


In awarding First Place, the judges commented:

“This writer knows how to connect each section of the book in an enlightening manner. This judge thinks it should be must reading for law students, not just writers!”

“The author’s sense of humor permeates this book to keep the material engaging.”

“It is three years of law school in one book!”

“This is a must for writers bringing the civil law into their books.”

“Clear, concise and useful information.”

“The voice of this author is compelling.”

“Author presents information for other authors that will make any of their lawyer characters more credible.”

About The Writer’s Guide to the Courtroom

For novelists and screen writers, The Writer’s Guide to the Courtroom has everything you need to inspire your writing, help your characters navigate the legal system, and get your story right. When your fiction or non-fiction calls for a character to sue someone or be sued and survive the ordeal, this book should be number one on your docket. For journalists, this book is the go-to book for any story involving the civil justice system. It’s a primer on the major types of law, who the players are, how to research the law, how trials really work, and what happens from the moment a client walks in the door in an attorney’s office.

Featuring a Foreword by Alex Ferrer, TV’s Judge Alex.

Ms. Ballman asked some lawyers, including bestselling author Brad Meltzer what really bugged them about how the civil justice system is portrayed in books and screenplays, and to talk about which ones really got it right. Some of their responses are quoted throughout this book to help you see the ways in which "getting it wrong" can alienate the 1.1 million lawyers who are also readers.

About Donna Ballman

Donna Ballman has practiced employment law for 24 years. She was named in The Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiffs' Lawyers in America, 2007, and has received numerous awards. The Writer’s Guide to the Courtroom: Let’s Quill All the Lawyers, is part of Behler Publications’ award-winning “Get it Write” series.

Donna has taught at the Wordsmitten “Pitch the Publishers” Workshop, The Florida Writer’s Conference, and will be teaching at the Tallahassee Writer’s Conference on how to use the law to improve romance, science fiction, YA, and other novel genres.

She is available to speak to groups of journalists, novelists and screenwriters. She has been interviewed on radio, TV and newspapers on aspects of employment law. She blogs regularly in The Write Report covering writing and publishing news, commenting about where TV and books got the law wrong and how they could fix the problems in their stories, and who did well writing about the law. She talks about writing and publishing on Radio Litopia as a regular panelist on Litopia After Dark every Friday, with over 20,000 listeners. She tweets as @WriterDonna.

She also has a blog about employment law, aptly titled, “Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home” and tweets about employment law as @EmployeeAtty.

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