Monday, October 11, 2010

Ann O'Farrell's Florida Memories

A celebration of the beauty and humor found in the Sunshine State

Why Florida?

Irish writer, Ann O’Farrell, shares the love she has of her newly adopted home in her latest work, “Florida Memories.” This pocket-sized gem of a book is a collection of brief, eloquent, word pictures culled from a diary she kept when she first ‘Snowbirded’ in Florida.

Ann, now an American citizen living full time in Florida, is better known for her Irish historical novels, “Norah’s Children” and “Michael,” so why did she decided to publish this mini-commentary on her new home?

“With people so focused on negative news, I felt we were losing sight of the simple beauty and humor around us. I'd like to think that this book is a reminder of all of that.”

Currently 'Florida Memories' is only available via Ann's website: but expectations are for it to soon become available in bookstores throughout Florida, and for more and more people to be able to share the answer that this is ‘Why Florida?’ In addition, with a retail price of only $4.50, the seventy-two page booklet will be easily affordable for both visitors and residents alike.

Ann O’Farrell’s Florida Memories. $4.50
ISBN 978-0-9828605-0-2
72 pages.

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