Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Painted Lady by Kee Briggs

The Painted Lady: While looking for a nude model for his life drawing class, Zain Zook, sculptor, finds Rose, an itinerant model. Rose embodies all of the physical attributes he had been seeking as the basis for a new series—The Lady with the Towel.

The arranged modeling sessions are put in abeyance by a gigantic summer storm. Zain also takes in the flooded out neighbor and their four set of twins. All are stranded by washouts.

While waiting for the waters to recede, Zain has time to photograph all the poses he needs for the new series. As they work together, each is becoming aware of the other on a different level.

Zain and Rose had to go over the hills on an antique tractor, dragging a hay trailer, to get food for the humans and critters. Rose hitches a ride out on a helicopter before either can sort out their feelings. Their lives take numerous turns before a second chance presents itself.

About the Author

In the fall of 1999, Kee joined the Space Coast Writers’ Guild to get a discount for their impending conference. About that same time he also acquired a baby Mac with an enhanced 512 kb memory. That is when he started lining up words to go into novels, instead of training manuals and short stories.

In 2001, Kee used a new technology, Print On Demand, to publish his first novel. Since then, there have been 15 more plus a couple of ebooks. The last four have come out under his own imprint, Keescapes Publishing. Currently, Kee is trying to make the printing catch up with the writing.

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