Sunday, September 19, 2010

King for a Day - The Story of Stories written and illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams

King for a Day is an adventure about identifying your passion. Mark Wayne Adams wrote King for a Day, "... to let young readers know how I do what I do, and to encourage them to create their own stories using the tools within themselves."

What a great premise for a story. Children of all ages need encouragement to follow their passions and dreams. Stories are the best place to find examples to follow.

The main characters, Carter and Russell, transform a magical day of adventure with their friends in the melon patch into a story for Gi Gi's Jamboree. And through their story, they both become kings for a day.

Mark Wayne Adams has not only written an engaging story, but he has illustrated it with his beautiful artwork. The book is complete with lessons to guide the readers to create stories of their own. Instruction includes:
  • development of characters, setting and plot
  • finding inspiration
  • drawing story layout and main characters.
The author's attention to detail in telling the story, drawing the pictures and giving the readers extra instruction are the qualities that make this book special. For those reasons, I highly recommend it.

About the Author:

When other kids were dreaming of becoming doctors, lawyers or businessmen, Mark Wayne Adams only knew that he wanted to draw. As he grew up, he learned to listen to those who encouraged him.

We're lucky that he did. He has become an artist and illustrator. He not only illustrates children's books written by others, but he also writes some of the books as well. King for a Day is one such book. Mark Wayne Adams had done an excellent job on both counts.

To learn more about King for a Day and other books by Mark Wayne Adams, visit his website at

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Mason Canyon said...

Sounds like a wonderful book for youngsters and even a reminder for adults.

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