Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Few Good Old Men by Kee Briggs

Kee Briggs: Out of nowhere, but headed somewhere with many interesting stops along the way, describes Kee’s journey through life. He wasn’t always a painter, sculptor and writer. Being an early hunter and fisherman, he developed useful outdoor skills for the army, where he ended up as senior interrogator, Chinese-Mandarin, in a military intelligence unity in Korea.

Back in civilian life, he became a deputy sheriff, who worked his way through burglary, vice and morals, homicide and then built and ran a forensic science lab.

On this playing field one has to be aware of the social forces at work and the political machinations in play.

A Few Good Old Men
: There are a lot of bad men walking around out there because it is against the law to kill them.

Question: What happens when the law is no longer a deterrent?

Many the members of the Pessimists’ Roundtable at the American Legion post carry the burden of major unresolved injustices. Chuckey, a double amputee from Bosni-Hertsogovenia, devises a plan to bring closure for A Few Good Old Men, while sending out a signal that wrong-doing can have consequences. The concept morphs into a political tool.

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