Monday, August 30, 2010

Tampa Writers' Alliance Annual Contest - Call for Entries

The Tampa Writers Alliance is proud to share with you their new and improved Annual Contest, opening for submissions this Wednesday, September 1st.

They sponsor nearly every genre and sport over fifty judges from the professional ranks of writing. Their contestants will receive written comments from at least three highly qualified judges dedicated to their genre. Contestants will compete against fellow writers in their specific genre, not the broad categories of Fiction or Non-Fiction. The Contest closes October 31st.

Please share this announcement with your group or organization. They welcome entries from all. Please visit Their blog or website for additional information: or


The Tampa Writers' Alliance is pleased to announce its redesigned and improved Annual Writers' Contest for 2010-2011. This year they will have more than fifty highly qualified
volunteer judges-authors, university professors, head librarians and journalists.

Each entry will be judged by at least three independent professionals and, for the first time, all entries will receive specific feedback from judges.

Participants told them that they wanted more genre categories, so they now offer eighteen categories, covering as many as possible of the genres.

Check out this list:

Book-Length Nonfiction
1. Biography/Autobiography/Memoir
2. Other Nonfiction

Book-Length Fiction
3. Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror
4. Thriller/Suspense/Mystery
5. Romance/Women's
6. Mainstream/Literary
7. Elementary/Middle-Grade/Young Adult Fiction
8. Other Fiction

Short Nonfiction
9. Creative Nonfiction/Humor/Satire/Essay
10. Other Nonfiction

Short Fiction
11 . Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror
1 2. Thriller/Suspense/Mystery
13. Women's/Romance
1 4. Mainstream/Literary
15. Flash Fiction
16. Children's Books
17. Other Short Fiction

18. Poetry

Entries will be accepted from September 1 through October 31,2010. Full details and a
down-loadable Entry Packet are available at or further insights
into the new contest may be seen at

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