Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sebring Scribblers and Scribes to Host R.A. Riekki

Sebring Scribblers and Scribes is hosting R A Riekki, noted novelist, poet and playwright on Aug.2 at their meeting place, the Florida Hospital service building on Sun n Lake Blvd. in Sebring. The meeting will be taped by WFTH 1390 in Avon Park.

Some of the group will follow Ron and Barbara Beswick who leads the FWA writer's group, to Beef O' Brady's where the meeting will continue with light conversation over a meal. The meeting and dinner conversation with Riekki will stream on the net at on Aug. 7th at 2PM.

The radio station is a new start up by Dave McCoy in Avon Park. Lin DiCaesar, a member of the FWA writing group, has started a segment on the station where writers are interviewed and their work is introduced to the public. Several FWA members are being scheduled in the few months to discuss their accomplishments and read from their latest endeavors.

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