Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Writing Assignment -- Holly Fox Vellekoop

Holly Fox Vellekoop, author of STONE HAVEN: Murder Along the River, and How to Help When Parents Grieve, announces that she has been contracted by Senior Life Newspaper to write a new monthly column for them. “Dear Gramma” is the column’s name and will feature Holly answering letters from readers (young and old alike) about grandparent issues, such as “grandchildren who do not write ‘thank you’ notes in return for gifts from their grandparents,” or “parents who fight in front of their children.”

The debut column will be in the September Senior Life Newspaper. After reading “Dear Gramma,” should you have a grandparent-centered question you would like answered, be sure to follow the newspaper’s instructions on how to send it for Holly to answer.

As the gramma of six grandchildren (four boys and two girls), having taught psychiatric and mental health nursing for Penn State University and working in a state mental hospital, Holly has the working, educational and life experiences to write such a column.

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