Monday, August 2, 2010

Book Launch of Book of Nathan by Curt Weeden and Richard Marek

Oceanview Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Book of Nathan by Curt Weeden and Richard Marek (ISBN 978-1-933515-91-5, Mystery, Hardcover, 272 pages, $25.95). Book of Nathan is available wherever fine books are sold. Visit Curt’s website at

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Rick Bullock is about to learn just how true that is.

Rick Bullock takes the road less traveled when he quits his job as an advertising executive to become director of a homeless shelter. Trading in a six-figure salary for paltry pay and even less respect? Costly. But helping one man get back on his feet? Priceless.

When Zeus, a mentally challenged gentle giant and longtime shelter resident, is arrested for murdering evangelist Benjamin Kurios, Rick wants answers. Convinced Zeus is incapable of such a horrific act, Rick, along with a colorful cadre of characters, sets off on a journey to keep an innocent man off death row.

The trip takes a disturbing detour when the bizarre group stumbles upon a transcript of the Book of Nathan and the discovery attracts the sinister attentions of a Jersey mobster, pro-life and pro-choice groups, and a billionaire used to getting his way. Rick knows how to save a life, but this time, his life may be the one at stake.

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