Saturday, August 14, 2010

Begotten Son by David Lynn Anderson

Begotten Son is Book II in David Lynn Anderson's series of The Sorcerer. I read the first book, Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows, and was intrigued by the plot and Anderson's writing. This paranormal tale lives up to and surpasses the first.

It starts out as an ordinary mystery with Duke Diamond trying to find out who killed Danny, the son of his assistant, and at the same time protecting a barmaid and her toddler son from potential kidnapping. Quickly it evolves into an intricate plot with the threats from all levels, including a possible alien invasion.

The beauty of the book is that Anderson's writing makes it all seem perfectly believable and sends chills up your spine. Imagine sitting down to the TV to hear what you assume is an ordinary press conference only to have the president announce that they've recovered a spacecraft from where it landed in the ocean.

And..., "While the rest of the world worries about first contact with an approaching alien spacecraft, Diamond and his team, people (who under any other circumstances he would consider crazy) risk their lives and more to protect mother and son from an evil sprung from the deepest corner of hell...."

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend that you try it if you love the paranormal genre.

About the Author:

David Lynn Anderson has been a successful ghostwriter, with three published science fiction hardback books to his credit. Begotten Son follows Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows as the second in the Sorcerer series. Anderson lives in Melbourne, Florida, with his wife and a cat. He has a bachelor's degree in business and a master's degree in systems management.

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