Saturday, July 24, 2010

Three Workshops: find out about them throu MadAboutWords

Show Don't Tell ... August 7, 2010; 10AM to 1PM

In this workshop you will explore practical strategies—from characterization to dialogue to place to metaphor & figurative language—for inhabiting the world of your text & showing from inside its imagination. If you start with these techniques, you’ll have a greater grasp on that amorphous, imaginative thing that’s happening inside you when you’re trying to deploy or render an emotion, idea, argument, character, or place in a creative text.

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Chapbook in a Day.... August 29, 2010, 11AM to 3PM

In this workshop, Terry Godbey, who once won two chapbook contests within 24 hours, will share her tips on chapbook publishing, contests and markets, and arranging poems to best advantage.

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Breathe, Move, Write... September 25, 2010; 9AM to 1PM

Breathe, Move, Write will introduce you to body awareness and deep breathing as tools that will help you find purposeful intention for your writing and develop the depth of concentration necessary for clear and creative writing to arise.

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