Saturday, July 10, 2010

Space Coast Writers' Guild presents Holly Fox Vellekoop at their July 17th Meeting

How Our Perspective Affects our Writing is the topic that Holly Fox Vellekoop will be speaking about at the Space Coast Writers Guild meeting on July 17, 1pm, at The Fountains, 4451 Stack Blvd. Melbourne.

Holly notes that, "As a writer, we sometimes write into our work, both fiction and nonfiction, dialogue and plots that reflect our beliefs and perspective of life and events. There are many life events that impact our perspective, too, varying from person to person, sometimes differing amongst cultures, subcultures, and families. I first became interested in a writer's perspective when I was just a young girl, after reading books which were considered to be classics."

Holly will discuss the topic further at the meeting, quoting some of her favorites including Abraham Lincoln, Robert Frost and Albert Schweitzer. Holly says, "In my first published book, STONE HAVEN: Murder Along the River, I recognized my unwillingness to use the type of profanity that unsavory characters often use because of my own beliefs and perspective. In my nonfiction book, How to Help When Parents Grieve, I consciously omitted specific anecdotes from contributors that I felt would demean or cause ridicule upon them or their families - a reflection of my own personal perspective of nonfiction writing, over which I had a measure of control."

All are invited to come to the discussion and take a fresh look at how an author's perspective often affects their writing and to revisit your own work with a fresh look at how it was influenced by your personal perspective.

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