Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mama Gets Hitched by Deborah Sharp

Mama Has Her Say. In her own words...

Howdy, y'all. It's Mama. Ms. Fancy Pants Author (Deborah Sharp) has graciously let me say a few words this time. I know you must be wondering why it's been months and months since you heard any news from this little slice of Florida. Maybe Ms. Author has been stretched out on the beach down there in Fort La-di-da-dale, too ''busy'' to let you know the latest.

Here's the headline: Sal and I are hitched! It was the Wedding of the Century.

Of course, a few things went wrong. My middle daughter Mace hated her Scarlett O'Hara bridesmaid gown, with its purse, parasol, and five pounds of ruffles, all in a lovely shade of lime sherbet green. And there was that matter of a body in the VFW kitchen, even before they passed around the first pig-in-a-blanket.

You can read all about it in Mama Gets Hitched. That's the cover, left. Maybe you'll notice Ms. Deborah Sharp's name is getting bigger. It's on the whiskey bottle on the bar, right next to the beef jerky and my bouquet of classy calla lilies. All I can do is keep reminding everyone they're MY stories. She only writes them down. That's why Mama's name is as big as life in all the titles:

Mama Does Time (2008)
Mama Rides Shotgun (2009)
Mama Gets Hitched (July 1, 2010)
I'll be there next year, too: Mama Sees Stars (2011)

It doesn't say Deborah did any of those things, now does it?

''How can I get a copy?'' That's the first thing you probably want to know -- well, that and whether my fifth marriage will finally bring me wedded bliss.

I hear some early-birds are already getting the books they pre-ordered. You can go to your favorite bookstore, or you can order it off the Wide World of the Web. Those nice folks at Amazon can tell you all about it, if you click here for Ms. Author's Amazon Page.

You can even help support small business by buying Mama Gets Hitched from an Independent Bookstore, by clicking here.

I do love those Indies. After our little bookstore closed, Hair Today Dyed Tomorrow Beauty Parlor is the only place left in Himmarshee that carries my stories.

PS: Please help spread the word about my wedding ...


Mason Canyon said...

Hi Mama, nice to meet you. This sounds like a great book. Best of luck with the book (and the marriage).

Thoughts in Progress

Victoria Allman said...

I'm waiting for my copy to arrive. I can't wait to read what Mama gets up to next. You only get married four or five times in your life, so you want each one to be special!

Deborah Sharp said...

If Mama could answer here ... she'd say it's nice to meet you, too Mason ... and Ms. Victoria, is that a little jab at poor Mama's status as a serial bride??? Why, I just know it isn't, because I know you're the sweetest thing ever. I still remember that cruise you and your hubby took my girls and me on along Lake Okeechobee. I guess when you're lucky enough to find a man like him, you just get married the one time!
PS: Lou, thanks so much posting "Mama's" news ...