Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Almost Friday by Irma Jacobs Tirro

Eleven year old Jodi dreads Friday, Annual Pet Day at school. She’s never had a pet and her classmates laugh and mock her.

“Are you mean?”

“Do you smell?”

Jodi is embarrassed to tell them her mother is a snob who thinks animals are nasty and that it’s not proper to have one.

An only child, Jodi is lonely, and sometimes wonders if her mother loves her.

It’s almost Friday, and Jodi is determined to find a pet to take this year. Where she looks and what she finds startles everyone.

About the author

Irma Jacobs Tirro grew up in Miami, Florida, where her love of books began at an early age and where wrote her first children’s stories to entertain her nieces and nephews.

Her career as an administrator included being published in corporate newspapers. She was the editor of the Women’s Center Volunteer Voice Newsletter, Melbourne, Florida, for more than four years, and has been published in the FLORIDA TODAY Newspaper, National Management Association News, Lockheed Space Operations Newspaper at Kennedy Space Center, and Florida Parenting.

It's Almost Friday is available through Amazon.

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Mason Canyon said...

Neat book, thanks for sharing it.

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