Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From Deep Within by Danielle Joy Linhart

About the book:

Seven percent of all murder victims are young women who are killed by their boyfriends. One out of every three women in high school is in an abusive relationship. The numbers are staggering. Those on the outside, maybe some even reading this book, may ask, "Why don't they do something? Can't people see that this is a problem?"

There are many signs to see, but the person who is being abused generally can't see them because of the insults, of being trapped into lying all of the time, and of feeling that the abuse is her fault. She might feel that she is the "crazy one" in the relationship, and if she were only different, the person she's with would act differently. Because the woman doesn't recognize the problem in the relationship, most don't ask for help. It becomes important then for others to recognize the signs and help support the one being abused.

From Deep Within is based on a true story. It is the aAuthor's story. It is Danielle Joy Linhart's story.

"I tried everything in my power to stop the abuse and that meant changing everything about myself. For four years, it felt as though I was in a bubble away from life and from everyone I loved. It is terrible to look back and at that time to think that nothing was wrong. When the jealousy started I thought my ex-boyfriend loved me and was trying to protect me. When the abuse started I thought it was always my fault and that I caused him to be mad all of the time."

About the Author:

Writing and making jewelry are Danielle Joy Linhart's two favorite things. With writing she finds that being creative can be an endless story and with making jewelry being creative can be a piece of wire-wrapped fused glass.

From Deep Within is a part of her past that she wants to channel creatively and turn into a positive message for teenage girls everywhere.

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