Monday, June 14, 2010

First Snow by Sarah Case Mamika

First Snow
Written by Sarah Case Mamika
Illustrated by Swapan Debnath

The book: "Doug sees snow for the first time and wishes with all his might that he could share the experience with his Dad, but he's far away on a long Navy deployment. He decides to make snowballs and freeze them so they can have a snowball fight when his Dad returns home. So in the freezer snowballs went As many as he could fit He made them big, he made them small They were going to be such a hit! Unfortunately, when his Dad gets home they're frozen solid. Doug discovers, however, that you can have even more fun when things don't go exactly as planned." Amazon

Sarah Case Mamika is a Florida writer. She has also written Little River Dog that was published in May 2010.

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Mason Canyon said...

Sounds like a really cute book and a great way to teach children (and adults) a good lesson.

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