Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Booking signing event: Partricia Marlett will sign copies of Passionate Promises and The Talking Tee Shirt

Patricia Marlett author of The Talking Tee Shirt and Passionate Promises signed book yesterday at Elevations International 8850 Grissom Road in Titusville, Florida.

Here's a little about her books....

Passionate Promises

A novel of mystery, intrigue and romance as young and beautiful Sabrina finds her life forever changed by a phone call. Her last remaining relative beloved Aunt Millie has suddenly died leaving her and twin sister, Sophie, a legacy. Sabrina takes a sabbatical as a photojournalist to return to her aunt's hometown of Asheville to investigate and unveil the legacy. She is determined to find out how and why it is affecting her life. While Sabrina is in town, she meets Bennaird Cooper, a local bachelor who believes they are soul mates. Will Sabrina allow time in her busy life for romance?

Shadow of a Promise

The sequel, Shadow of a Promise, will be available September 2010. This is the story of Sophie. She created a perfect world with her husband enjoying careers as teachers living a wonderful carefree life. To make it even more perfect was the birth of their twin daughters.
However, their world was quickly shattered when told one of the twins has a life-threatening condition. Suddenly, Sophie's life takes a spiraling descend as she struggles to overcome the grief while searching for a resolution other than the one given. Can she find the answer she is seeking before time runs out?

The Talking Tee Shirt

When a young girl's dream becomes her reality, what does she do?
Samantha, a teenager, has a dream that upon awakening she can't seem to get it out of her mind. Wherever she goes and whatever she is doing, the dream is always at the forefront of her thoughts. Soon she begins to realize there is something she is suppose to do, but she struggles with it. If Samantha does what she now knows, she could lose her friends and her popularity in school. She has to make a decision and soon as time is of the utmost importance.

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