Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Amazon Raises Royalties on Digital Books for Kindle

Did you catch the news yesterday? has raised royalties on sales of digital books for the Kindle to 70%. Yes, that's right the authors receive a 70% royalty... and they are making it easier for authors to sell digital books from their websites. There are some stipulations, but it seems to basically be a good deal for authors.

Here is a complete article on the topic and I'm sure you'll find more on line.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Season of Risks by Susan Hubbard

About the book

THE SEASON OF RISKS, the third book in the Ethical Vampire series, sees Ariella Montero fall in love, cause a scandal, and contemplate her own death—and possible reunion with her murdered friends.

Set to be released by Simon and Schuster on July 6, The Season of Risks is set in Florida, Georgia and Ireland. It's a mystery centering on finding, losing and reclaiming one's identity. The author says, "It explores the tension between memory and forgiveness, the prescience of folk tales, the beauty and power of impermanence, and the future of a society in which vampires and mortals must coexist -- or perish."

About the author

The author of seven books, including The Society of S (2007) and The Year of Disappearances (2008), Susan Hubbard has received excellent reviews for The Season of Risks. For example, Margot Adler, National Public Radio, calls The Season of Risk "Elusive, complex, poetic and sophisticated."

Hubbard currently is a Professor of English at the University of Central Florida. She is an advocate for animal rights, social justice, academic etiquette, and literacy. Her hobbies include running, salvaging, and collecting items of questionable taste. She has led writing workshops at universities and arts programs across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Visit for more information and for a list of events including Susan Hubbard regarding the release of The Season of Risks

For Benny by S L Dwyer

About the book:

Eighteen months have passed since the divorce and Jennifer McCormack still cannot get past the pain. Today her anger sets into motion a devastation she could never have dreamed in her worse nightmare and drives her into a decision that can only result in the destruction of her own life. What starts out as a beautiful spring day in the Connecticut countryside, ends with her life changing forever.

A deer darting into the road and a car trying to pass as she swerves creates a catastrophic incident that sends Jennifer on a harrowing journey into a living nightmare. A minor fender bender turns into a violent act of road rage and ends with the death of her three-year old son, Benny. The young mother will soon discover the strength she never knew she possessed and the resolution that would become her motivation to live.

Lost and alone in her grief, Jennifer struggles to hold on to her sanity with the promise she made to her son before he died. In the weeks following the funeral, she finds the strength to begin the task of organizing her plans for revenge - for Benny. When the police fail to find any leads to the identity of the shooter, Jennifer begins her own investigation. Working through the Internet, she enters into the seedy and dangerous world of drugs and gangs.

Available at

About the author:

S L Dwyer is a published writer of novels, short stories, and screenplays. She currently lives in central Florida. Her debut novel, If Truth Be Known, available on, received great reviews. She is currently finishing her next novel.

The author's website is

The Ultimate Dachshund Hound Book by Patricia O'Grady

The Ultimate Dachshund Hound Book -
Guide to Caring, Raising, Training, Breeding, Whelping, Feeding, and Loving a Doxie

The name of this book really says it all; it is the ULTIMATE book for anyone thinking about purchasing or already owns a Dachshund Hound. The author is not only a dog owner, but also a breeder who showed and raised champions for over 25 years.

This book contains all the information that you will ever need to know about Doxies including:

  • Detailed information about dachshund hound standards
  • Feeding recommendations just for doxies, including a few homemade dog food recipes
  • The history of dachshund hounds and their origin
  • Information about where to purchase a doxie puppy, and how to pick out your puppy from its littermates
  • Preparing your home for a new puppy arrival
  • Children, other pets and your dachshund addition
  • Showing your doxie, explaining in detail the different show categories and what you can expect before, during and after a show.
  • Dachshund hound dental care;
  • Brushing, bathing and grooming information.
  • Immunizations information.
  • Pet health insurance and dachshund hound health concerns
  • Helpful hints for traveling with your dachshund hound;
  • Spaying or neutering information.
  • Breeding your doxie, in detail, before you breed, selecting your mate, line breeding, inbreeding, outcross breeding, what to expect during the mating, and, when you should or shouldn't breed your pet.
  • Detailed information explaining what you can expect during the pregnancy, whelping (the delivery) and after care for mom and newborn puppies.
  • Doxie puppy care from birth including weaning the puppies from mom, and selling your puppies.
  • Lastly advice about when it's time to say goodbye to your old friend.
This book joins several others that Ms. O’Grady currently has out, including, Woofing it Down: Guide to making healthy dog food at home, Lapping it Up: Guide to making healthy cat food at home, The Ultimate Yorkshire Terrier Book, Mirror Mirror Seven Years Bad Luc, Tales of the Whosawhachits: Key Holder of the Realms Book 1 of series, and soon to be released Tales of the Whosawhachits: Enter the Fifth Realm Book 2.

For more information about Ms. O'Grady's books, visit her website at http://

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mama Gets Hitched by Deborah Sharp

Mama Has Her Say. In her own words...

Howdy, y'all. It's Mama. Ms. Fancy Pants Author (Deborah Sharp) has graciously let me say a few words this time. I know you must be wondering why it's been months and months since you heard any news from this little slice of Florida. Maybe Ms. Author has been stretched out on the beach down there in Fort La-di-da-dale, too ''busy'' to let you know the latest.

Here's the headline: Sal and I are hitched! It was the Wedding of the Century.

Of course, a few things went wrong. My middle daughter Mace hated her Scarlett O'Hara bridesmaid gown, with its purse, parasol, and five pounds of ruffles, all in a lovely shade of lime sherbet green. And there was that matter of a body in the VFW kitchen, even before they passed around the first pig-in-a-blanket.

You can read all about it in Mama Gets Hitched. That's the cover, left. Maybe you'll notice Ms. Deborah Sharp's name is getting bigger. It's on the whiskey bottle on the bar, right next to the beef jerky and my bouquet of classy calla lilies. All I can do is keep reminding everyone they're MY stories. She only writes them down. That's why Mama's name is as big as life in all the titles:

Mama Does Time (2008)
Mama Rides Shotgun (2009)
Mama Gets Hitched (July 1, 2010)
I'll be there next year, too: Mama Sees Stars (2011)

It doesn't say Deborah did any of those things, now does it?

''How can I get a copy?'' That's the first thing you probably want to know -- well, that and whether my fifth marriage will finally bring me wedded bliss.

I hear some early-birds are already getting the books they pre-ordered. You can go to your favorite bookstore, or you can order it off the Wide World of the Web. Those nice folks at Amazon can tell you all about it, if you click here for Ms. Author's Amazon Page.

You can even help support small business by buying Mama Gets Hitched from an Independent Bookstore, by clicking here.

I do love those Indies. After our little bookstore closed, Hair Today Dyed Tomorrow Beauty Parlor is the only place left in Himmarshee that carries my stories.

PS: Please help spread the word about my wedding ...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Booking signing event: Partricia Marlett will sign copies of Passionate Promises and The Talking Tee Shirt

Patricia Marlett author of The Talking Tee Shirt and Passionate Promises signed book yesterday at Elevations International 8850 Grissom Road in Titusville, Florida.

Here's a little about her books....

Passionate Promises

A novel of mystery, intrigue and romance as young and beautiful Sabrina finds her life forever changed by a phone call. Her last remaining relative beloved Aunt Millie has suddenly died leaving her and twin sister, Sophie, a legacy. Sabrina takes a sabbatical as a photojournalist to return to her aunt's hometown of Asheville to investigate and unveil the legacy. She is determined to find out how and why it is affecting her life. While Sabrina is in town, she meets Bennaird Cooper, a local bachelor who believes they are soul mates. Will Sabrina allow time in her busy life for romance?

Shadow of a Promise

The sequel, Shadow of a Promise, will be available September 2010. This is the story of Sophie. She created a perfect world with her husband enjoying careers as teachers living a wonderful carefree life. To make it even more perfect was the birth of their twin daughters.
However, their world was quickly shattered when told one of the twins has a life-threatening condition. Suddenly, Sophie's life takes a spiraling descend as she struggles to overcome the grief while searching for a resolution other than the one given. Can she find the answer she is seeking before time runs out?

The Talking Tee Shirt

When a young girl's dream becomes her reality, what does she do?
Samantha, a teenager, has a dream that upon awakening she can't seem to get it out of her mind. Wherever she goes and whatever she is doing, the dream is always at the forefront of her thoughts. Soon she begins to realize there is something she is suppose to do, but she struggles with it. If Samantha does what she now knows, she could lose her friends and her popularity in school. She has to make a decision and soon as time is of the utmost importance.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Almost Friday by Irma Jacobs Tirro

Eleven year old Jodi dreads Friday, Annual Pet Day at school. She’s never had a pet and her classmates laugh and mock her.

“Are you mean?”

“Do you smell?”

Jodi is embarrassed to tell them her mother is a snob who thinks animals are nasty and that it’s not proper to have one.

An only child, Jodi is lonely, and sometimes wonders if her mother loves her.

It’s almost Friday, and Jodi is determined to find a pet to take this year. Where she looks and what she finds startles everyone.

About the author

Irma Jacobs Tirro grew up in Miami, Florida, where her love of books began at an early age and where wrote her first children’s stories to entertain her nieces and nephews.

Her career as an administrator included being published in corporate newspapers. She was the editor of the Women’s Center Volunteer Voice Newsletter, Melbourne, Florida, for more than four years, and has been published in the FLORIDA TODAY Newspaper, National Management Association News, Lockheed Space Operations Newspaper at Kennedy Space Center, and Florida Parenting.

It's Almost Friday is available through Amazon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Annual High-Tide Womens’ Weekend October 1 and 2

Fernandina Beach, Fla. (April 20, 2010) Coastal Connections, an event planning company based on Amelia Island, Florida announces the First Annual High Tide Womens’ Weekend scheduled for October 1-2, 2010. The weekend events celebrate women and the love of books. Weekend events will take place in historic Fernandina Beach.

Friday night will offer a sunset cruise with invited authors. Saturday programs offer fun and information including: Grits Making Workshop, Belly Dancing, Yoga on The Beach, Women’s Health Must-Dos, Art Gallery Crawl, Cajun Cooking Demonstration, Jewelry Making and Book Club Workshops.

The Amelia Island Museum of History will offer a special walking tour – Women That Made History – Fernandina. In addition, an art gallery crawl, yoga on the beach and kayaking option will be offered. Book signings will end the day and a special event is being planned for Saturday night. In addition, a writers' workshop coordinated by author Carol O’Dell will be offered.

Featured authors include Kathy Patrick, author of The Pulpwood Queens’, Tiara-Wearing, Book-Sharing GUIDE TO LIFE ( and Robert Leleux, Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy (

The Hampton Inn and Suites located at the harbor in downtown Fernandina Beach will offer special rates and will be headquarters for the High Tide weekend.

“Amelia Island is the perfect place for women who love books and women who love to have fun," shared Dickie Anderson coordinator of the first time event.

Anderson is a free-lance writer, author and director of the Amelia Island Book Festival 2010.

Scheduled events will support island non-profits. For more information, contact Dickie Anderson at or call 904-556-6455.

Two Upcoming Workshops presented by MadAboutWords

What: Chapbook in a Day with Terry Godbey
When: Sunday, August 29, 2010 from 11 AM to 3 PM
Where: Community Clubhouse, Winter Park FL 32792
Fee: $65. – Coffee, tea, and snacks will be served

Terry Godbey will share her tips on chapbook publishing, contests and markets, and arranging poems to best advantage. Each participant should bring two sets of their 18 to 20 best poems not already published in a book.


What: Breathe, Move, Write with Lezlie Laws
When: Saturday, September 25, 2010 from 9 AM to 1 PM
Where: Winter Park FL 32789
Fee: $65. – Coffee, tea, and snacks will be served
What to Bring: a piece of unfinished writing; a yoga mat; a cushion or towel to sit on; dress casually and comfortably.

Breathe, Move, Write will introduce you to body awareness and deep breathing as tools that will help you find purposeful intention for your writing and develop the depth of concentration necessary for clear and creative writing to arise.

Space is limited for both workshops. Be sure to sign up in advance.

For more information about these workshops, visit

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Conferences and Workshops in Florida

There are many wonderful conferences going on throughout Florida. Here are a few of them and links for more information.

The Anhinga Writers’ Studio 2010 Summer Workshops
The 2010 Conference

July 28-July 31

UF Hilton Conference Center, Gainesville, Florida

The Anhinga Writer's 2010 Conference used to be called the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Writing the Region conference. It was established in 1996. It honored Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and celebrated the rich literary heritage of the region.

"Last year, the conference gained three new co-directors, a new name, a new venue and a new format. Conference co-directors Beverly Browning, Mary Anna Evans, and Diana Tonnessen pooled their collective experience as published authors of dozens of works of fiction and nonfiction to form the Anhinga Writers' Studio and brought the conference under its wing. The 2009 Workshops were among the best-attended ever, and the Anhinga board members have planned an even bigger and better event this year."

For information about the conference, go to

University of North Florida Writers Conference
August 6-8, 2010

The 2010 UNF Writers Conference will be held at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, August 6-8, 2010. Early Bird deadline has been extended to June 15. Save $50 when you register before the deadline!

For more details, visit

Mystery Florida - A Conference to Die For
In Sarasota, Florida, at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota
August 13 and 14, 2010

The 2010 Mystery Florida Conference is the 6th annual event. It brings together published authors, aspiring authors, agents, editors and individuals from publishing and film companies as well as fans.

Over the years, they have had some success with pairing aspiring writers with agents and publishers, resulting in the aspiring writer becoming a published writer. At least two of these writers have gone on to win national literary awards. The conference is limited to the first 100 registrants. to keep the gathering small and give the fans an opportunity to meet and talk with their favorite writers.

For more information, go to,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

9th Annual Florida Writers Conference
Go for the Gold!
Florida Writers Association
October 22nd thru 24, 2010

It will be held at the Orlando Mariott Lake Mary in Lake Mary, Florida

This conference is packed with information for fiction and non-fiction writers. Presenters include agents, editors and authors. Other events include the Royal Palm Literary Competition and mentoring, interview and critique sessions.

Please visit their website to read about this Conference

Miami Book Festival
November 14 - 21, 2010

It's not too early to put the Miami Book Festival on your calendar. Here's the website if you want to follow the details of this big book event....

If you know of other writers' conferences, please send them to me at I'll be glad to post the information.

This week... Cookbook Signing by Chef Michael Bennett

June 26th, 2010

Chef Michael Bennett and William Sonoma - Galleria announces ~

There will be a cookbook signing at the William Sonoma gourmet cookwares marketplace at noon on Saturday, June 26th, 2010, at the downtown Fort Lauderdale store in the Galleria shops.

The cookbook signing will be accompanied by the chef preparing a variety of dishes from his new cookbook In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks.

This event is the first and only William Sonoma cookbook signing this month. Chef Michael will prepare a trio of dishes where he will use the new (no-heat) magnetic cooking system.

Chef Michael Bennett will prepare dishes that will include: salmon, guava, red curry and Basmati rice - paired with a tower presentation of avocado, pink peppercorns, herbs and yogurt cheese.

The store is located on the second floor of the Galleria Mall - on Sunrise Blvd. , Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Call for more information at: 305-851-3441
or go to our website at

In Their Blood by Miami Novelist Sharon Potts Awarded Coveted Benjamin Franklin Award

In Their Blood (Oceanview Publishing) wins top honors in the Mystery/Suspense category of the 2010 Benjamin Franklin Awards ™

LONGBOAT KEY, FL. – Oceanview Publishing is pleased to announce that In Their Blood by Miami novelist Sharon Potts has been awarded top honors in the Mystery/Suspense category of the 2010 Benjamin Franklin Awards ™.

Named for America’s most cherished publisher, the Benjamin Franklin Awards™ is a national juried awards program now in its 22nd year. Sponsored by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), the Benjamin Franklin Awards program recognizes excellence in independent publishing. Judges include librarians, book critics, retail and wholesale buyers, and other industry experts. The 2010 Benjamin Franklin Awards™ were presented during a gala ceremony at the Roosevelt Hotel just before the opening of Book Expo America in New York in late May.

Hailed as “a red-hot suspense novel” in a starred Publishers Weekly review, In Their Blood (Oceanview, ISBN: 978‐1‐933515‐62‐5, Hardcover, Suspense, $25.95) is a sizzling debut about family, secrets, lies—and murder.

Monday, June 14, 2010

First Snow by Sarah Case Mamika

First Snow
Written by Sarah Case Mamika
Illustrated by Swapan Debnath

The book: "Doug sees snow for the first time and wishes with all his might that he could share the experience with his Dad, but he's far away on a long Navy deployment. He decides to make snowballs and freeze them so they can have a snowball fight when his Dad returns home. So in the freezer snowballs went As many as he could fit He made them big, he made them small They were going to be such a hit! Unfortunately, when his Dad gets home they're frozen solid. Doug discovers, however, that you can have even more fun when things don't go exactly as planned." Amazon

Sarah Case Mamika is a Florida writer. She has also written Little River Dog that was published in May 2010.

You will find both books on

Call to Authors

New publisher Night Wolf Publications, Ottawa, Ontario, has listed two calls for submissions at its site, on the "Contact Us" page.

The upcoming Christmas anthology requires holiday or winter themed, family fiction or poetry with a deadline of mid-July.

The call for paranormal romance puts NWP ahead of the NY zombie romance craze. Writers are encouraged to check out the submission requirements to see if they have something this new print and electronic publisher would be interested in.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Call for Authors for the Authors Book Fair at the Deltona Library

Call for Authors

The Friends of Deltona Library are pleased to announce that the Inaugural Authors Book Fair: Celebrating Writers and Readers will take place Oct. 9, 2010, from 10 a.m. 4 p.m. in the library.

The book fair will accommodate more than 30 writers and will serve as an introduction to many local authors and poets in Florida or those who call Central Florida readers their audience.

“The Deltona Library is the perfect venue for this event with indoor space for authors and separate rooms for speakers and ancillary events,” according to Christy Jefferson, Committee Chairman. Admission will be free to the public.

The Authors Book Fair offers the chance for authors to sell signed copies of their works and speak to fans. A single table at the book fair is $50 or $25 for a shared table and authors aren’t asked to donate a percentage of sales. “While we want to keep our fees reasonable, this is a fundraising event for the Friends of the Library,” said Jefferson. Authors may register online at

The Fair committee is pleased to have Florida Hospital Fish Memorial as the major media sponsor guaranteeing good media coverage. The Muse Book Shop, new and antiquarian book sales, will be selling Books for participating authors upon request and a percentage of sales will go back the Friends.

The event is available for additional business sponsors to join those all ready committed who include Ruby Tuesday, Holiday Inn Express, The West Volusia Beacon, City of Deltona and the Scrub Jay Café

From Deep Within by Danielle Joy Linhart

About the book:

Seven percent of all murder victims are young women who are killed by their boyfriends. One out of every three women in high school is in an abusive relationship. The numbers are staggering. Those on the outside, maybe some even reading this book, may ask, "Why don't they do something? Can't people see that this is a problem?"

There are many signs to see, but the person who is being abused generally can't see them because of the insults, of being trapped into lying all of the time, and of feeling that the abuse is her fault. She might feel that she is the "crazy one" in the relationship, and if she were only different, the person she's with would act differently. Because the woman doesn't recognize the problem in the relationship, most don't ask for help. It becomes important then for others to recognize the signs and help support the one being abused.

From Deep Within is based on a true story. It is the aAuthor's story. It is Danielle Joy Linhart's story.

"I tried everything in my power to stop the abuse and that meant changing everything about myself. For four years, it felt as though I was in a bubble away from life and from everyone I loved. It is terrible to look back and at that time to think that nothing was wrong. When the jealousy started I thought my ex-boyfriend loved me and was trying to protect me. When the abuse started I thought it was always my fault and that I caused him to be mad all of the time."

About the Author:

Writing and making jewelry are Danielle Joy Linhart's two favorite things. With writing she finds that being creative can be an endless story and with making jewelry being creative can be a piece of wire-wrapped fused glass.

From Deep Within is a part of her past that she wants to channel creatively and turn into a positive message for teenage girls everywhere.

Book Launch today of The Ulysses Flight by Paul Wankowicz

Terra Sancta Press is pleased to announce the release on June 9th of their latest novel The Ulysses Flight, A WWII Aviation Adventure Novel of Aerial Dogfights and Love, with a Glossary, by Paul Wankowicz.

Book Information
Book Title: The Ulysses Flight, A WWII Aviation Adventure Novel of Aerial Dogfights and
Love, with a Glossary
Author’s Name: Paul Wankowicz (a.k.a. Paul Wankowicz)
ISBN 97809653467-9-5
Book price: $ 24.95 USD
Date of publication: June 1, 2010

The eBooks will be available soon in various formats for $15.50 USD

Where to buy the Book
Publisher: Pat McDonough, Terra Sancta Press, 304 Royal Palm Drive, Melbourne FL 32935-
Phone: 321-914-2290 11 AM TO 8 PM EST/EDT
Publisher’s Website:
Publisher SAN: 854-1388

What critics are saying:

The Ulysses Flight kept me reading to the end. A beautiful Dutch refugee, a disenchanted American pilot and a distinguished British officer form an unlikely alliance to move three American planes past Japanese lines at the onset of World War II. Their mission becomes more vital when the team must deliver a smuggled Japanese codebook to the Allies. Paul Wankowicz has produced a well-researched book that is partly a story of budding love; partly a story of underdog dogfight survival, and partly realistic war history. Many books offer a single viewpoint or character to describe the impact of war. But Wankowicz shows how war changes the lives and futures of local residents, as well as the Yanks, Brits, Aussies and even Japanese, whose lives intertwined as they fought in the Malayan Peninsula and south. “War is Hell” is proven in his pages.

~~Linda Jump, Author, Journalist, Photographer & Avid Reader, Palm Bay, Florida

The Ulysses Flight is an historical novel that captures the atmosphere of its time—The beginning of WWII around southeast Asia: action, adventure, romance, and the reality of suffering endured by those who lived through the difficult days when Japan was expanding its empire. The lives and hardships of civilian and military personnel are described in accurate detail as background to a tragic love story. A true page-turner.

~~Ed von Koenigseck, Technical Writing for Private Industry,West Melbourne, Florida

The Ulysses Flight by Paul Wankowicz is a page-turner which has almost everything: a fascinating setting, believable characters, a riveting plot, history, and surprises produced by a knowledgeable author who provides authentic detail. The Ulysses Flight is more than a good flying story: it is an intimate picture of diverse people responding to the end of their pre-war world; and at the same time, taking courageous steps to influence the shape of the world to come. I hated to have it end.

~~Joe St. Georges, The Old, bold pilot, Glenmore, Pennsylvania

Action adventures. The Japanese invasions of Burma, Malaya, and Singapore Island. Dogfights pit Curtiss P-40 pilots against the agile Japanese Zeros. Daring pilots. Smart, competent, beautiful women. A spy captures a secret codebook. Impossible missions. Aviation history. Transcendent love. The Ulysses Flight has it all!

~~Anne Mack

This was certainly one of the best books I have ever read! The pages turned themselves once I got into the chapter that introduced Lisa to Frank! What a pair, and Mia and Johnny too! Johnny was such a technical pro, so well-organized, knew what to do ... the brains of the trio and so unassuming! I loved how independent Lisa was, and such a forerunner of the Feminist Movement in all the good things!

I like how points of view alternated from the Japanese to the British, Australian, and U.S. That look, the communication by the elderly Japanese fighter pilot who chose not to kill Frank, and then was killed by Lisa was especially wrenching. She being unaware of his mercy, was just looking out for Frank, and thought it was a kill or be killed situation. So much misunderstanding and lack of communication during a war and chaos. Lots of thought-provoking issues here.

I think you have an international bestseller on your hands.

Marie E. Roman,Poet, Artist, Author & Educator, Tinley Park, Illinois

Thursday, June 3, 2010

St Petersburg Florida Writer Association Meeting

Event: June Meeting of the Florida Writer Association (FWA) St. Petersburg
Date: Thursday, June 10, 2010
Time: 5:30 PM
Place. Main Public Library, 3745 9th Ave. North, St. Petersburg

FWA St. Petersburg invites all writers and aspiring writers to its craft-oriented June meeting. Diane Marcou, creative writing teacher, past president of PINAWOR, and ghost writer whose “written with” credits include Steve Lamb’s popular adventure memoir “The Smuggler’s Ghost,” will explore the “do’s and don’ts” of writing description. Admission is free.

COMING SOON: Thursday, July 8th FWA St. Petersburg will present the second in its series on self-publishing: “Building Your PR Plan,” with PR Specialist, Dale Hutchings. For more information on Florida Writers Association St. Petersburg visit:


Meetings: 2nd Thursday of every month
Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Location: St. Petersburg Main Public Library - 3745 9th Ave St. Petersburg, FL 33713
Phone: 727-893-7724

News Regarding Dead Air by Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid

Dead Air by Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid won the 2010 Indie Excellence Award for Thriller and received the Bronze in the 2010 IPPY Awards- both announced in New York at the recent Book Expo.

It has also been named a finalist in this year's Royal Palm Literary Award from the Florida Writer's Association (Deborah won first prize in 2009 for her international thriller, Rabbit in the Moon) as well as semi-finalist in Mensa's first Sharp Wit literary award.

Congratulations on the awards!