Saturday, May 22, 2010

Who Shot Bucky by Jospeh A. Szewc

Who Shot Bucky? is a much more complicated question than it appears on the first page of the first chapter. The books starts with the death of Bucky, the deer that has befriended Tony and GG Shoemaker, innkeepers in rural Oregon.

The question is not answered until the final summation. By then, the reader has enjoyed an intriguing mystery story spanning 25 years, including a cast of characters who deceptively are not who they seem to be.

Who Shot Bucky?
is set in locations as diverse as Oregon, Laos, Ramstein, Berlin, Bavaria,and Burma, and plot points include a couple of murders, consequences of cloning, the development of the Library of Science for the Elevation of Mankind, and of course determining who shot Bucky.

About the Author: Joseph A. Szewc, as a retired air force career officer, college professor and innkeeper, writes authentically. He completed many diverse assignments while in the air force including retiring with 2200 hours of flying time. Those experiences provided a body of knowledge in order to write such an intricate novel. In addition, he taught undergraduate and graduate business and management classes and held a writing post with CMU Public Relations Office as a sports publicist.

All of these skills are evident in the details that he has effortlessly incorporated into this book to make it a great read.

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Bill Dillard said...

Col Szewc, I realize this is a very strange and round about way of introducing myself, but I found some old photos of you and my father in his belongings from your days at Danang, I just wanted to say hi, thank you for your service and always bringing my father back safe! And, your book is still available on Amazon, sounds like a good read and will definitely order. The best to you. Billy Dillard