Monday, May 31, 2010

Results of Writers One Flight Up Contest

Writers One Flight Up

Summer Contest Winners

The Writers One Flight up (WOFU) summer contest asked writers to submit the first 150 words of their novel: completed, in-progress, or maybe, still “in their minds.” The purpose of the first 150 words of your novel is to immediately grab the reader’s attention, propel the reader further into your novel and transform the reader into a consumer – you want the reader to make a purchase – your book!

They have selected three winners for this contest. Winners will be published in the summer issue (July) of Pulse the Magazine, due on the streets the first week in July.

And the winners are …

Lisa L. Rast: For her intro to her novel, “Siren Song.” Sharon L. Dwyer: For her novel introduction, “Special Delivery.” John White: For his introduction to “Prayer Offerings.”

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

The writers of Writers One Flight Up thank all who entered their contest. They appreciate your support and hope to read you again in the future. Look for their introductions in the summer issue of Pulse the Magazine.

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