Monday, May 3, 2010

Fortuna by Michael R. Stevens

Oceanview Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Fortuna by Michael R. Stevens. Fortuna is now available wherever fine books are sold.

Longing for escape from his mundane existence as a Stanford computer science major, Jason Lind signs up to play Fortuna, an online role-playing game set in Renaissance Florence.

From the first, fateful mouse click, Jason tumbles into the vibrant, lush, and anonymous world of Fortuna. Swept up in this highly complex, highly addictive game of fame, fortune, and power, Jason quickly transitions from casual gamer to compulsive player.

Soon tangled up in a steamy virtual love triangle, Jason becomes obsessed with breaking Fortuna’s code of anonymity. But Fortuna is anything but fun and games, and when a sizable debt incurred in the game spills over into reality, Jason is forced to leverage the legacy of his father, a high-tech legend killed in a car accident years before, to pay off the debt.

What started as a great escape may only leave Jason trapped, as the game that transported Jason deep into the past exposes a shocking, present-day reality.

In the world of Fortuna, it’s not how you play the game; it’s if you survive.

Fresh Fiction says the following: "a wonderful exploration of the slippery slope of the seduction from a virtual world, Fortuna is intricately detailed, well-researched, and thoroughly developed."

An innovative, high-tech thriller, Fortuna is a pulse-racing read about what happens when virtual reality collides with reality.

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